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1854 - 1933 

(Biography – Information from Mrs. H. L. Newman, Angelica, NY & son of George Mott, Raymond Mott as given to David A. Howe Public Library, 1967.  Printed with Library permission.) 

George Edward Mott was born in Camden, NJ, Oct 4, 1854.  He had been in printing business in New Jersey for many years before coming to Angelica in 1906. 

He was a pictorial photographer from 1906 to 1933, and was official photographer for the P. S. & N. Railroad in 1913. 

He was active in civic and church affairs, and held various offices on the village board.  He died in 1933. 

He had three children by his first wife, and two by his second wife, Frances Blauvelt of Angelica.  His son Raymond at this writing (1967) is manager of the Angelica Branch of The First Trust Company of Allegany County. 



Until 1903 the PS&N Railroad was narrow guage.  From 1903 to 1945 Angelica’s economic life was based principally on the railroad.  The shops at various times numbered about 140 men, and more than 40 others were employed in operation and offices.  The passenger service closed about 1935.  The shops were closed in 1939, and new shops built in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania about 1941.  In Allegany County the railroad touched 10 towns.  Its taxes were about $20,000 per year.  It was officially abandoned May 31, 1947.


There were 184 bridges on the Shawmut.  The bridge over the Allegany River at State Line was 800 feet in length.  The Viaduct bridge in Stony Brook Glen Park was 40 feet in length with a height of 248 feet and was one of the highest in New York State. 

(Several boxes of glass photographic plates of railroad scenes are contained in the Mott Collection.)



The pictures in this gallery were produced from the original glass negatives with love and painstaking care by two people, Donald Baldwin of Wellsville & William A. Greene of Andover.  They labored many long hours to process the pictures and their work is hereby acknowledged. 

The Glass negatives are the property of The David A. Howe Library, Wellsville, NY. 

The Photographs displayed here are copyright ©2004 The David A. Howe Public Library and may not be used in any format commercially without the express written permission of the Library. 

Photo's used on this website by permission of the Library Board of Directors approval. 



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