We are informed from a reliable source that the Tonawanda Valley R.R. company, whose road is now complete and in operation from Attica to Arcade, proposes to extend it from the latter place through Rushford to Cuba providing the people of the two last towns will subscribe for and purchase a certain amount of their first mortgage bonds, bearing 6 percent interest, to be paid for on completion of the road.

This project is no humbug. It has a sound and solid basis. The road, as before stated, is constructed and in operation already from Attica to Arcade. They do not ask or require you to donate one cent, but simply invite you to invest your money in a good security to assist them in the construction of the road. If a sufficient amount is taken, in less than six months the road will be in operation to Cuba, thereby giving the people of Cuba and Rushford direct communication by rail to both Buffalo and Rochester, the distance to Rochester being only nine mile farther than by the contemplated canal route.

It seems to me that it will be suicidal to the business interests of both places to reject this offer, and the monied and business men along this contemplated route should awake to the importance of the project and invest promptly the amount required. The investment will bring them six percent interest per annum, and is as safe as if loaned on farming property. Let not this opportunity pass to revive the business interests of both towns and to advance their wealth and prosperity.

Especially does this proposed road become of the greatest importance in view of the rumors that fill the air in relation to the Genesee Valley Road. If these rumors are true there is no certainty of that. It has been stated that the company was not organized for the purpose of constructing the road in good faith but to speculate in the franchise conferred upon it by the State for the benefit of the people along its route.

It has been stated in the public press that Mr. Whitney, the President of this company, and in fact all the directors but one, were in favor of and had actually transferred this franchise to a company antagonistic to the interest of those along the line from Belfast to Millgrove. Whether these rumors are true or false we have yet failed to discover on the part of this company any direct evidence that they ever intend to construct this road. They have secured the franchise and are hawking it about for sale as a matter of speculation to any one who will purchase, even though as a condition the people along the line from Belfast to Millgrove are deprived of the benefit the State intended to give them.
Let us then by all means take hold of a certain thing and let our business and monied men invest in the bonds of the Tonawanda Valley Road, and let uncertain things take care of themselves. And if this Canal company has got possession of that franchise for the purpose of spoils and to deprive any portion of the people on the line of the benefit intended by the State, let the consequences rest with them. Let us have a certain thing

Interesting Editorial - Researched and Submitted by Richard Palmer.

Written by Miles A. Davis, Editor and Publisher of the Cuba Patriot, April 1, 1881