Wellsville, Addison & Galeton BIBLIOGRAPHY

(From Richard Palmer; 11/2006)

Bibliography of the Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad, including predecessor lines. Also included are subsequent operators of ex WAG motive power. 


Wellsville Addison & Galeton 

Books and Feature Articles 


-"Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad" by Edward A. Lewis; Arcade, NY - 1971 (On this Website, Complete)

-Trains Magazine, 2/72, p.36; "You mean, there really is a Sole Leather line" by David H. Hamley 

-Trains Magazine, 3/72, p.38; "When the first generation became the second" by David H. Hamley 

-Railroad Model Craftsman, 12/70, p.29; "Wellsville, Addison & Galeton" by Bob Walker Jr. 

-Railroading, Issue 35, September, 1970, p.17; "TALE OF THE WAG" by William S. Young 

-Railroading, Issue 52-53, 1st Qtr, 1975; "Pastoral Suite in F" by William S. Young 

-The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, p.348; "Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad"; Kalmbach Books, 1994 

-Extra 2200 South, Issue 90, Apr-May-Jun 1990; "Salzberg Shortline Family Roster" by Dan Dover 


More WAG related news, photos and articles. 

-Trains Magazine, 10/78, p.17; Railroad News Photos; F7 and caboose at Galeton. 

-Trains Magazine, 1/79, p.13; Arrivals & Departures; Announcement of abandonement. 

-Trains Magazine, 8/79, p.2; Railroad News Photos; F7 and caboose with train to Ansonia. 

-Trains Magazine, 12/79, Cover Photo; F7 # 2200 at Pine Creek. 

-Trains Magazine, 3/80, p.17; Railroad News Photos; Last train to Ansonia. 

-Trains Magazine, 9/97; "Engineers on EMD's"; by Don Jilson. 

-Railfan & Railroad, 3/80, p. 22-23; Railnews; Farewell to WAG with photos. 

-Railroad Model Craftsman, 2/81, p. 77; "GE's Fords"; Aticle on Ge centercab diesels. 

-Railroad Model Craftsman, 7/81, p. 9; Photo of centercabs at Luria Bros. waiting to be scrapped. 

-Railroad Model Craftsman, 8/87, p. 46; Two color photos of WAG in article about shelf model railroading. 

-Model Railroader, 7/82, p. 74; Modeling WAG bridges in Galeton and Westfield. 

-Rail Classics, 1/88, p. 42; Photo of centercab leaving Westfield. 

-Trackside Vol. 1, # 2; Color picture of F7 2200 and 2300 near Westfield. 


Buffalo & Susquehanna 

-"Buffalo & Susquehanna" by Paul Pietrak 

-NRHS Bulletin, Vol 34, # 1 (1969), p.6; "The B&S: Route of the Switchbacks"; by F.G. Tatnall Jr. 

-Trains Magazine, 2/47, p.38; "Sunset of an Empire"; by H.D. Runey 

-The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, p.42; "Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad"; Kalmbach Books, 1994 


Other WAG Related 

-Railfan & Railroad, 4/78, p.34; "Louisiana shortline sketchbook" by Bob Karsten 

(WAG F7's move to the Louisiana & Northwest) 

-Railfan & Railroad, 4/78, p.48; "Motive power of the L&NW and NL&G" by Jim Boyd 

(Or: Where, oh where, have the WAG units gone) 

-Railfan & Railroad, 10/1993, p.60; "Connecticut's Shore Line East" by David Patch. 

(Photos of F7's in SP, WAG, PAT and CDOT (NH) Colors) 

-Trains Magazine, 5/85, p.24; "567B's in the Bromine belt" by Alton B. Lanier 

(WAG F7's move to the Louisiana & Northwest) 


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