From The Rushford Spectator, 1915.
Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.


Angelica-Rushford Plank Road.

While workmen were engaged in excavating for the pavement in front of A.J Lytle's hardware one day last week they unearthed a large number of plank which years ago formed part of the Angelica- Rushford plank road. George S. Arnold happened along at that time and was able to answer the questions regarding the plank and from him we gathered the following facts.

Way back in the early days of Angelica, a plank road extended from the Angelica village park down Main street, through the Joncy Gorge and down to Bellamy corner. From that point one plank road extended through the then dense woods to Belvidere. The other road extended down the east bank of the Genesee river to Belfast, then crossed to the west bank and continued on down ro Caneadea where it left the river valley and extended up through the Rushford village, ending in front of one of the hotels, there. In 1857 a great flood occurred and the plank road was washed out at East Rushford, down through the gorge and was never rebuilt, a new road taking uts place over the hill from the Smith mill at the mouth of the gorge. - Angelica Advocate