(A lady living at Cuba NY sent the information below to me and wishes to remain anonymous. My apologies for having it misplaced.)

“January 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Taylor,

This is a portion of a letter written to me by Ms. Madeline Lynch.

I thought you might want to add this piece of trivia to the Stagecoach Section/ regarding Mr. Dauphin Dexter and also the hazard of Stage Travel in that time period.

Hoping you will include this….. thank you, VW.”

191 South Main Street

Wellsville, New York 14895

January 1, 1967

“Found these notes & thought you might not have this information. This ribbon is about “shot” – it’s the best I can do tonight.

Allegany County Reporter 4/1/1874 – 12/27/1877 Roll; The year 1874, Spring of the year, I forgot to copy the date of the issue:


The Whitesville Stage driven by Dauphin Dexter with passengers – Mrs. E. T. Woodcock, Mrs. Robert Crittenden, Mrs. Judd & Mrs. Wilcox was struck b y lightning near the residence of Mr. S. Hubble. One horse was prostrated & the people badly shaken up but uninjured. The brass framing around the glass in the curtain was completely melted.”

“Note. The residence of Mr. S. Hubble, I believe is still standing, it is located just south of the ditch (& very close to it) & is the 2nd house this side of the Liquor store owned by Mr. Short at the intersection of the Main Road and Gypsy Lane Rd. This is across from the Culbert Place where farm machinery is sold now. The Hubble place is located on the west side of the highway.”

“***Mrs. Judd mentioned was a 1st cousin to Estele Parker Minges & was born a Richardson. He later married as his 2nd wife, Emmet Harder.”

“I can’t identify Mr. Wilcox- all of the same family but some lived at Stannards & others either in or near Whitesville”.

“The Woodcock Family lived at Hallsport across from the store – at least at one time. The Robert Crittenden lived just above our place at Hallsport.”