From research of & submitted by Richard Palmer...

Genesee Valley Canal Sale

Cuba Review, Wed., June 29, 1881

At the appointed time yesterday forenoon, Supt. S. B. Dutcher and his assistant commenced the sale of the locks, bridges, iron and other materials which remained on the abandoned Genesee Valley Canal south of Portage aqueduct. The sale was held in a room adjoining the Cuba House, and was attended by a large crowd of interested parties.

The terms of sale were cash, with the exception of the Ischua dam and feeder and the privileges connected with it, which was ten percent cash. Other terms were given such as the time allowed in which to remove bridges and other purchases, which was in some cases 60 days.

After making known the terms the sale was proceeded with. The most important purchases made by the Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Company, for which corporation Chief Surveyor Bell, of Rochester, was acting, were as follows:

Fourteen bridges for $485.50, including the two iron bridges on Canal and Maple streets, Cuba, at $100 each. the two wooden bridges on Bull street, same place, at $10 each, and the iron bridge at Olean at $250; the stone abutments connected with some of the bridges for $136; ten locks, numbers 88 to 97, part of the abutments to same and lock-houses, for $210; the cast iron on all the bridges south of Portage aqueduct, estimated at 20 tons, at $5 per ton, the wrought iron on the same, $8 per ton.

The following are the most important purchases made by private parties:

Lock-houses of lock 61, Luman Peck, Wiscoy, $15; lock-house of lock 66, J.M. Hammond, Hume, $16; water privilege in vicinity of lock 66, Moses Taggert, Batavia, $10; lock-house of lock 71, C.A. Burr, Caneadea, $1.00; timber in lock 72, 73, 74 and 75, G.W. Stevens, Oramel, $2; timber of locks 84, 85 and 86, L. O'Mara, Belfast, $1; lock-house of lock 97, J. Royce, Black Creek, $25; bridge over Griffin Creek, West Main street, Cuba, Wm. Campbell, Commissioner df Cuba, $1; lock 98 and house, P. Gallagher, $24; Ischua reservoir, dam and water privilege, O. W. Chamberlain, $1,800; timber in Ischua aqueduct, A. Hawley, Hinsdale, $5; lock-house of lock 102, H. W. Norton, Hinsdale, $15; lock-house of lock 103, F. Graham, Hinsdale, $13.50; Martin and Misharo bridges, B.S. Colwell, Portville, $9 each; stone in Ischua aqueduct, H. Webster, Hinsdale, $51. The total amount of the sales, exclusive of the railroad purchases, was $2,039.20.

The acceptance of the above sales is optional with the canal board, which meets July 6. Cuba Lake was not sold, but is to be used as a feeder of the Erie canal. Lands and other properties not sold revert to the present owners of adjoining property.