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Genesee Valley Greenway hikers rest at historic Lock 90
near Rockville.                                                                              

Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway
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Contact: Karen Ash

Houghton Area Trails Under Discussion

Houghton, NY -- January 22, 2008 --- Representatives of the Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway (FOGVG) met in early January with Dr. Paul Young, Professor of Psychology at Houghton College in Houghton, NY and Chair of the Houghton Forest Task Force. The purpose of the meeting was to explore possibilities for collaboration between the college, the FOGVG, and the Houghton community at large.
According to Dr. Young, Houghton College owns over 600 acres of forested land in this rural Allegany County town. Most of Houghton Forest is just above the campus, but some is also near the Genesee River and a trail system traverses much of it. Approximately half of these trail-covered acres are intended for equestrian use, with the remainder either in use, or under development, as nature, fitness, meditation, and poetry trails. Much of the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail in Houghton is adjacent to college-owned trails.

Discussions ranged from ways to connect and expand trails and trail amenities to preservation of historic buildings dating from the Genesee Valley Canal era, and developing interpretive materials depicting canal, railroad, and Seneca Indian history. The group is also exploring options for construction of a trail bridge over Houghton Creek southeast of State Route 19.

Dr. Young has agreed to work with the Friends in offering service learning opportunities to students who can take part in developing, administering, tabulating, and analyzing the results of surveys on awareness and use of the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail.
The next meeting is scheduled for the evening of February 4th. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Young at, Karen Ash of FOGVG at, or call the Friends office at 585-658-2569 for further information.
The Genesee Valley Greenway is being developed and maintained by a partnership involving the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; and the Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway. To learn more, contact the Friends at, 585-658-2569, or