The following was researched and submitted by Richard Palmer.

 Rochester Daily Union - Monday, Nov. 17, 1851

     Genesee Valley Canal. - The unusual drought of this season has seriously affected the navigation of the Genesee Valley Canal, and the southern section has been closed a portion of the time to repair breaches, The lumber trade has suffered somewhat by the difficulties of navigation.

    Some kinds of lumber could not and cannot yet be had here to meet the demand. We hope the lumber dealers will be able to get in a winter's stock before the close of navigation.

    With reference to the breaches in the Canal south of Mt. Morris, the Olean Advertiser says the Superintendent, Mr. Chambers, has labored diligently to get the canal in order for four weeks past, and expected to do so last week. The breach at Hillsdale was repaired a week since, but the aqueduct over Olean Creek gateway subsequently, but would soon be repaired.