From the Wellsville Daily Reporter, June 27, 1907.
Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

The Commencement exercises of Belmont High School Monday evening were well attended in spite of the inclemency of the weather. The members of the graduating class were Eva A. Clark, Bessie E.Peck, Edith Griswold, Ruth Gorton, Floy Morehouse, Herbert Delong, Edger P. Romllly, and William H.Leach, who each performed their part in an excellent manner and reflected much credit upon their instructors. Principal Munson in a few well chosen and appropriate remarks presented the diplomas to the class : also prize medals to the following pupils: to Miss Maude Gorton for the best Historical essay from this school, from the Catherine Schuyler Chapter, D.A.R to Miss Ruth Cariner, the medal for the best progress in Elementary English and to Howard Curtis the 1901 medal for the best class standing, including attendance and deportment, The Bradt Orchestra added much enjoyment to the occasion by furnishing splendid music. Thus closed the year;s work of the Belmont High School. There will be a number of changes in the Faculty the coming year, notably among them being that of the Preceptress, Miss Marie Frarey, who has been very successful in her work, and Principal C.H. Munson, who has been at the head of our school for the past eight years,and very helpful in many public interests and will be much missed in many years.