From the Wellsville Allegany County Reporter, June 26, 1908.
Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

This is commencement week in our High School. The annual sermon was delivered Sunday evening by E. K. Dewitt, pastor of the Presbyterian church. On Tuesday evening a very interesting and helpful address was given before the graduates, pupils and friends of our school by Rev, Dr. Walters, pastor of the first M.E. church of Bradford,Pa. There were only two graduates of our school this year, Miss Fannie Saunders and Howard Curtis receiving those honors. Howard Curtis was the recipient of two well earned prizes, one for proficiency in Natural Science, the other for doing the best all around work during the year. Miss Eleanor Casterline was awarded a medal for the best work in English during the year. This (Thursday) evening some fifty or sixty of the children and younger pupils will produce the Opera The Enchanted Woods, under the direction of Miss Christine Lewis.