From Wellsville Allegany County Reporter, June 26, 1903.
Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

A fine entertainment was presented by the Union Free School last evening at the chapel hall, and as usual it was well patronized. Commencement exercises of the High School will be held tomorrow evening. The class roll is made up of the following students: Phillip N Whitcomb, Arthur E Sortore, Lotts Davis, Wm R VanCampen, Elizabeth Browning, Mac Griswold, Harold S Brown, Inez Hancock, Grace Hancock, Leon Gregory, Ernest Havden,Frances Bissell and Arthur M Peck.

From Wellsville Allegany County Reporter, July 3, 1903.
Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

The Chapel ball of the Union Free School building was crowded from center to circumference last evening with spectators to see and hear the final efforts of the thirteen graduates of the High School department. Taken together they were a fine body of representatives of good scholars, reflecting credit upon the community, to the school and the teachers. The custom of giving presents was faithfully observed and the platform was loaded down with flowers bestowed by the friends and admirers of the young people.