Belmont NY Freshman Class 1933-34

Photo courtesy of Dave Fish.

Front row - Left to Right - Jimmie Ellis, Max Jordan, Norman Holt, Charles Clark, Lyle Day, Robert Hildreth, Edward Bently

2nd row - Bill Finn, Frances Jadwin, Mary Snyder, Shirley Ackerman, Ruth Matteson, Marge Stuck, Albert Eymer

3rd row - (?), Evelyn McQueen, Elizabeth Freeland, Jane Knapp, Edythe Stewart

4th row - Bob Baxter, Frank ----, Bob McNinch, Thelma Martin, Sherwood Briggs, Bill Short

Last row - Wendell Sortore, LeRoy George, Paul Brooks, Wallace Francisco, Alvin Campbell


Belmont Freshman Class 1933 34 with names