Allentown School
District #3
Lot #1, Patterson Tract - Town of Alma, Allegany County, NY



It is said that the first school was taught from a Log Cabin;

This is the first framed schoolhouse in Allentown & used for classes until the 1883-4 larger school building was built...............Later it was sold to the Methodist Church and used by WCTU; They sold it to Mildred Craven to be used as "Millie's Diner" and last was used for antique storage.  It still stands in 2006.


The large white building in the distance past the depot is the 1983-4 Allentown School used until about 1911-2 when a new brick structure was built.  The depot at the right was the Bradford Eldred and Cuba Railroad 1881-1893.


In 1903/4 This brick structure became Allentown Union Free School.  The previously used wood frame structure was used for 8 or 10 years longer in conjunction with this school.   It was then dismantled and the lumber used for a barn on the Phillips Hill Road.


In 1933/4 This western addition was made to the Brick School.  It provided gym, music, library, home economics and additional classroom space.