(History below from A Yearbook Loaned by Barbara Adams Claire)

From the 1909/1910 School Yearbook


In writing the history of Allentown Union High School, the matter of data is very limited, and all historic items are scattered over Intervals of time quite promiscuously. Yet we have discovered that a man by the name of Emerson granted a High School site about the same place as today's site, in 1840, whereon was erected a log school house which answered the purpose for many years, when the new site, including the old site was purchased of Marshall Phillips and title given, so long as used for public school, (otherwise to revert to the Phillips estate. Then a frame building was built 1848 to '49 which served a term of years being the same building now used by the W. C. T. U. Society. Then came the larger frame building built In 1885-86 which stood the pressure of school affairs until 1903/4 when the beautiful brick building with its modern and up-to-date facilities was duly installed.

Principal O. M. Burdick, during his term of four years, '91-'95, organized this school into a graded one, and Principal Walters placed It under the visitation of the Regents. Petitioners were Robert A. McCutcheon, Horace L. Hulett, Henry Howe, Seymore J. Richardson, Alpheus L. Witherspoon. Certificate Issued and went into effect June 25, 3:40 p. m., 1900. Signed Anson Judd Upson, Chancellor; James Russell Parsons, Secretary, and January 4, 1904, was granted a middle school certificate signed by James Russel Parsons, Secretary and December 5, 1908, a senior certificate was granted by Andrew S. Draper, Commissioner of Education.

The following list of teachers were the faithful pedagogue’s of the district, arranged to the best of our ability.  We expect the years are more or less mixed, but the re-writer may correct It to his satisfaction.


Allentown teachers and years of service, nearly.


1842 Katherine Bellamy, first teacher. 1843 Mary Coon, 1844 Sarah Green, 1845 Betsy Foster, 184647 Sophia Wright 1848 Sally Buckley, 1849 Cynthia Buckley, 1850 Racheal Burrows, 1851 Melvin Burdick, 1852 Alfred Titsworth, 1853 Franklin Sepheus, 1854 Alythia Mapes, 1855 Flora Zimmer, 1856 DeEtta McKee, 1857 Helen Howard, 1858 Louis Ackerman, 1859 Eugenia Holmes, 1860 Alexis Halbard, 1861-62 Mary West, 1863 Richard R. Allen, 1864 Martha Welch, 1835 Freeland Wright, 1866 C. W. Fernald, Lenora Coats, 1867 P. C. Carrington, Florence Austin, 1868 Marcus Fernald, 1869 Porter W. Cowles, Mary E. Russell, 1870 Frank S. Green, Nina B. Lathrop, 1871 Norman Penny, Percy Ann Lewis, 1872 Mary Crowner, Lois Fewln, 1873 Maria Blackman, Avis Jordan, 1874 James Babcock, 1875 Esther Burnettson Alta Emerson, 1876 Edwin A. Bentley, 1877 Chas. Vincent, Nellie Fernald, 1878 Chas. Vincent. Hattie Gale, 1879 Elias Hammond, Electia Fory, 1880 Alta Emerson, Flora Zimmer, 1881 Adelbert Wetherby, Louise Canfield, 1882 Chas. Vincent, 1883 W. C. Hitchcock, Sylvia A. Sheldon, 1884-86 Samuel Earley, Mrs. Earley, Bell Grastorf, 1887 Marlon Chadman, Abigal Marihew, Nettie Tibbs, 1888 W. F. Allen, His wife and Miss Chapman, 1889 Geo. Miller, Edith Lazier, Gertrude Surdoval, 1890 Frank King, Charlotte Marks, 1891-95 Oscar M. Burdick, Charlotte Marks, Margaret Dorghety, Nellie Brady., Winona Champlin, Ruth Van Velzer, Gertrude Surdoval, 1895-98 E. D. Hardy, Edna Opp, Ida Newton, 1898-03 E. D. Walters, Bessie Wyvell, Alice Collins, Margaret Hayes, Lelia Mead, Mable Brown, Avis Jordan, Nellie Goss Gertrude Surdoval, Muinetta Smith, 1903-04 Chas. L, Carpenter, Sarah Mitchell, Lelia Mead, Linda H. Mead, Bessie Wyvell, 1904-09 Geo. P. Snyder, Linda H. Mead, Maud Wolfe, Lyda Cochran, Minnie Elliott, Jessie Strickland, Charlotte Gena, Margaret Conway, Emily Valentine, Grace Allen, 1909-10 Angelo O. Tucker, Emma K. Cartwright, Elizabeth E. Stafford, Theresa C. Harrington, Linda H. Mead, Harriett S. Swarthout.