Stone Dam School (?)

District #6

District School #6; Lot 15 Alma, (Lawrence Tract) – Stone Dam/Redwater Creek School – Shown on 1926 Topography Map (Surveyed 1923-4 by E.D.Chamberlain); School not shown on 1869 Atlas Map, but, 1869 Dwellers: P. O’Brien, T. Moore, J. Lake, Mrs. Tormey, W. Murphy, J. Mullvey & A. Downs. The building is noted on the 1926 map located between properties of J. Lake & Mrs. Tormey.  This school is mentioned by Hazel Shear in her "Alma Story", 1969, publication.  I note that the 1856 Beechler Map of Allegany County, Alma has a schoolhouse noted just inside the Willing/Alma Line on the Alma side, 4-Mile Road, today's County Route 38, Lot 61 in the 1869 Atlas.  This was the school known as the Carey Hill School.

(Hazel Shear discussed the name and stated, "It is rather a shame that this section, named after Kerry in Ireland, got itself misspelled so that it appeared as Cary Hill.")