White Hill School

District #7

District School #7; Lot 120 (Lawrence Tract) Near Town of Bolivar/Alma Line on what is known today as White Hill Rd #2 near Ball Road and before Stony Lonesome Hollow Road. Not shown on 1869 Atlas, but is shown on 1939 Geological Survey Map.  The White Hill School was a joint district with Bolivar.

This school being at the 2nd highest elevation, 2,400',  of any of the Town's schools (second to Alma Hill School of 2460') made for a difficult winter attendance.  It also caused the bus drivers in later years to worry the trip "up on the hill" to pick up students for the Allentown School.



from "The Derrick", submitted by Connie Alsworth Barney

"This school was built in 1886 and replaced an old building which was located some distance away from the present site, near the entrance to Stony Lonesome.  This district was consolidated with the Allentown District in 1934.  Since that time the pupils have been transported to the Allentown High School.  Martin Leonard was trustee for several years before the consolidation and since that time has been a member of the Board of Education of the consolidated district.

During the last three years that the school was used, Miss Helen Milliman was the teacher and has for the past several years been teaching in the Allentown School."