Andover School Report

(Allegany County Democrat, Feb. 23, 1877. From the files of the Allegany County Historian.)

EDITOR REPORTER.—The report of our school for the month ending Feb. 9, is as follows:

  Upper room Intermediate Primary Total
Attendance, 1652 967 541 3160
Belonging, 1794 1104 627 3535
Enrollment, 94 59 35 188
Per cent, 92 87½ 86 89.6
Tardiness, 65 107 21 193
Perfect 29 6 6 41

The names of those who were neither absent nor tardy are M. Acker, M. K. Brundage, Loren and Marion Bullard, Willie Bundy, Lillie Burdock, Minnie Clair, Biancy Cook, Frank Comstock, Carrie Duke, Adelbert Dildine, Jennie Dubell, Eddie Everette, Mary Feeley, Flora Irish, Jessie Hunt, Mica McTighe, Anna and Jas. O’Leary, Flora Rice, Maggie Reiley, Frances Rogers, Emma Seaman, Amy Spaulding, Levan Thompson, Nelson Thurston and Dora Wood.

But four pupils in the grammar department above 90 per cent. in the monthly examination, yet the average of our examination shows a good degree of scholarship. 

Our Board of Education must be well satisfied, for they do not visit the schools. There is too much laxness in this respect of both patrons and officers.

People seem to think that schools are things that must be had and the man or women who will teach our schools for the least money and take all the responsibility off our shoulders is the [???] to  [???] Board of Education seem to think the same, many times, for certainly in many of our schools, we find this fully demonstrated, a cheap teacher and a cheap school.

During the past month one of our brightest and best pupils has passed away from life and its realities. He was a favorite with all our scholars, one who was faithful to his duty, true to his teachers, and very prompt in his attendance. We all mourn his loss.

In an experience of over fourteen years in the school room, this was the second death among the pupils, under my immediate charge.    S.G. Burdock.

Andover, Feb. 15, 1877.