Angelica Central


In 1955, the people of Angelica voted to build a new school and the first classes began in this building in 1956.  The last class to graduate from Angelica Central was the class of 1996.  With the opening of a merged school between Angelica and Belmont this building was used as an elementary school until the new Genesee Valley School was built.*  Today the school is known as Centerpoint Academy.  It is a Christian school operated by Houghton Academy.  

Story & photo by Bob Dorsey.


ACS Cafeteria


ACS gymnasium

* Upon her reading the above story a former teacher, Tracey (Donaldson) Cornwell, requested that we amend the article to accurately reflect the grade levels housed in Angelica and Belmont school district merged.

She stated the following:

“This was where I was first employed as a school library media specialist, in September 1997. When I interviewed for the position I became immediately interested in the unique setup of the two campuses. Angelica housed the primary grades (K-3) as well as the middle school grades (6-8). Meanwhile, the Belmont campus was home to the intermediate elementary grades (4-5) and the high school (9-12). “

“American History is something about which I am fascinated and passionate. …. For this reason I am hoping you might consider the Angelica schools article…. My request is that the article is amended to accurately reflect the grade levels housed there after the Angelica and Belmont school district merged.”

Webmaster Reply: I agree that the comments offered are well worthy of adding to the article. Thank You for your response to the article. Ron Taylor, Webmaster.