Genesee School Dist. No.4, Teachers Report (1877)

(Allegany County Democrat, March 16, 1877, from files of Allegany County Historian. Transcribed by Michael Weber. )

Teachers Report

Below will be found the report of School Dist. No. 4 Genesee, whose average attendance during 

the month of February exceed that of any other school reported.


Wealthy Crandall 15
Will Crandall 17
Arthur Crandall 17
Mina Crandall 17
Ernie Demming 19
Gerret Green 18
Frances Elliot 19
Allie Irish 19
Willis Keller 19
Fred Keller 19
Lewie Keller 15
Hattie Keller 19
Addie Keller 18
Mamie Keller 19
Mary Lewis 17
Johnnie Maxson 19
Carrie Maxson 19
Phebe Peckham 19
Emma Peckham 19
Clellie Persing 19


No. of days taught, 19

No. Pupils Enrolled, 20

Total attendance, 362 days

Average attendance,  19 1-19

M.C. Irish, Teacher.

The school ranking second, is Dist, No. 5 Cuba; the enrollment was 25 and the average attendance, 23 7-10.  Mr. L. C. Davis, Teacher.

Among larger ones, the Scio Village School remains ahead; the enrollment being 82; average attendance 73 3-19, though the attendance of the Grammar department of Andover Graded School was nearly as good.


A. R. Cottrell.