Wirt, N.Y. School Attendance, Teachers Report, 1877

(Allegany County Democrat, Feb. 16, 1877. From the files of the Allegany County Historian. Transcribed by Michael Weber.)

Notice to Teachers, Pupils and Patrons.

According to agreement, the name and attendance of each pupil of the school whose average daily attendance, during the month of January, excelled that of any other school reported, is given below. The school ranking second in attendance is No. 8, in Wirt, Mr. Leonard Howard, Teacher. The enrollment, 24; average attendance 22 and 3-11. Among the larger ones, the Scio village school excels; the enrollment being eight-six, and the average attendance seventy-eight and six-nineteenths. Mr. and Mrs. John Kane, teachers.

What school or department will show the best attendance during the month of February?

I am, respectfully,
A.B. Cottrell
Richburg, N. Y., Feb. 12th, 1877.

“Pine Groee” School, District No. 2, Town of Wirt, Feburary 1st., 1877.

A. B. Cottrell, School Commissioner.- Dear Sir:- In reply to your request published a few weeks ago, I send you report of my school, for the month of January, as follows:

William Ballard, 22 0
Willie " 22 0
Eugene " 22 0
Ettie " 22 0
Walter " 21 1
Ella " 22 0
Charlie Burdick, 22 0
Eme " 22 0
Milton Jordan, 22 0
Ada " 22 0
Walter " 22 0
Mary Rogers 16 6
Johnie Strait, 22 0
Annie " 20 2
Total number of days attendance.   299
“ “ “ taught,   22
Average   13 and 13/22

You are well acquainted with our locality, and know that we have our share of snow drifts, but the parents took extra pains to get the pupils there every day, when their health would permit. All whole days except three half days. Yours Respectfully,

Mina A. Brown, Teacher.