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"I’ve finished my second book.

The book covers the history of the club, tracing its forebears dating back to the mid-1960’s in Albany, NY, up through present time.  Because of online site limitations, the book was posted up in 4 parts, each representing a different time period.

Once you “open” the book at the links, you’ll be able to expand, contract, read single pages or read side-by-side.  As you’ll see, the site required everything in “portrait” format.

There is a period in the club’s history for which I have no data.  I used the data at my disposal. 

If you look closely at the end of PART FOUR, you’ll see that Head Coach Tony Aquilina (Assistant Athletic Director at Alfred University) has scheduled a tournament for the end of March 2014, on the turf at Merrill Field!  This is a monumental event in the history of the club.  When we started in 1985, we had our first practice at our family farm in a hayfield; then after some “negotiating,” we received a piece of grass between the sidewalk and the parking lot at McLane Center for work outs, that probably measured 20 x 20 - tops. 

Now, 29 years later, hosting an Alfred Rugby tournament on Merrill Field is a big deal, a very big deal for the club, the players and the University. 

I hope you all enjoy the end product; that this publication adds to the fabric of community history.


Coach Bill Pulos

Alfred University Rugby Coach 1985 - 1990, 2009 – 2012 – 16 seasons



History of Alfred Rugby 

by William W. Pulos

(see )