From a Scrapbook collection of Milton Loring;  Article originally from Allegany County Democrat newspaper.....

Researched & Transcribed by Mary Rhodes in cooperation with Tina Wightman, Willing Town Historian

September 12, 1947

"Alma Hill shares with other closely approximating hilltops the role of giving to Allegany County the distinction of being the highest populated part of the Empire State. Several homes are scattered across Alma Hill, with the large Quick home marking the residence of the oldest and best known family on the hill. While land is cleared there and some cultivation is carried on, oil lease work accounts mainly for the occupation of residents....."




Below is an unknown artist's hand-colored rendition of postcard photo of the "Quick Home"; built atop Alma Hill approximately 3 miles from the village of Alma, NY.  The home was built by Julius Caesar Quick.  (Today it is deteriorated so badly it is nearly on the ground.)