Startup of this subject was spurred by submission of the 3 photos below by Pam Vincent, daughter of Robert Dewey Pinney, subject of the photos. 2009.

Now a few more photos are turning up.....below.



As of this date (8/23/09) little is known of the Alma Comets Baseball Team by me.  If you know of or were involved with the team please write and fill me in with whatever you can share.

Email: RON TAYLOR, Alma Town Historian

NOTE:  The team is now identified.....see below pictures.

Alma Comets (ca. 1950)"I spoke to my father about the picture. My Dad is Robert Shields He stated the following. Front row left to right is Myself, Robert Shields, Bob Pinney, Norm Mesler, Jim Shields, and this one is in question but I'm pretty sure his name is Tom Freeman, Donald Pye; bent over is Dave Dickerson he was Batboy. Back row Roy Gorton, Dick Shields, Durwood Coates and Baine Shields.  I'm guessing the picture is about 1952,that's a 1947 Plymouth in the back ground. The league we played in was called the Octagon league. 8 teams us and Scio were the only teams from NYS. Ulysses, Genesee, Coudersport, Austin, Roulette and Antrim, all from PA. We won the championship 8 yrs. in a row. This is pretty much the original team, then a lot of the players changed. and we joined the Buffalo Evening news league after that and we took first place there also and I can't remember the teams we played then but they were mostly from Nys/ I remember we had a contest to name the team and that is how we raised most of the money to buy our uniforms. Don Perrin won the contest and that was the beginning of the Alma Comets. He later started to play and he was a left handed pitcher.    Robert Shields Jr."


EMAIL received from Donald R. Adams:

"I played with the Alma Comets for two years, maybe 3.  This would have been in 1952, 1953 and 1954.  Among the players from Allentown were, Frank Cady, Carl Kruger, Bill Richmond, Walter Stephens.  I have some photos. 


At home, the umpire was Harley Dickerson. Later on I would marry his niece.


Some of those years, perhaps all, we were in the Potter-McKean League. 


I hope the score books never come to light, else my batting average might be proved to be less than I told my grandchildren."



"This picture of  Robert Dewey Pinney (my father in Comets uniform) is dated 5/30/50 and is taken in front of Dewey Pinney's (his father)  house on Pump Station Road."




"The picture of him by himself at bat is dated May 1949 and it looks like the side of my grandfather's house (Dewey Hobson Pinney and Pearl). This would be that large open field between the house where Gary Arnold lives now on the corner and my Grandfather's house. My family lived in this house for a number of years when I was very young (the house now owned by Gary Arnold)."


From Don Adams, formerly of Allentown & now Clarence Center, NY, comes a couple of of himself as a right-handed batter & one of Carl Kruger as a lefty.



above, Carl Kruger; below Don Adams; Both in Alma Comets Uniforms......



Comments from Dave Dickerson:

"In the l956, 57. 58 area I played baseball for the Alma Comets.  Bob Shields, Bain Shields, and Dick Shields were steady players.  Also I think Frank Cady played some then.  We had a couple of players from Shinglehouse (Terrette, Dietz) probably spelled wrong) and Manager was a Mr. Drake (Buzz, I think) from Shinglehouse.  We played in Coudersport, Galeton, Ulysses, and I think some others in PA.  Norm Mesler also played for the Comets at that time.  I have never seen anyone that could hit a baseball farther than Norm Mesler."