I have the Cole family album. It is very old and the paper is fragile.
The info below is what I found written in the album.

If you know anyone who belongs to this family let me know and I will share the pictures with them.

The Cole family is in my family tree. Sarah Annette Cole b. 1854 d. 1927 married Uri S. Harder b.1852 d.1920. They are my Great-Great Grandparents.

Pamela Vincent

Albert Cole fathers youngest brother

Uncle Peter Merring and Aunt Betsy Merring

Albert Cole

Betsy Cole's fathers sister

Charles Cole's fathers brother

Charles Cole's kids Henry, Arbilla, and baby

Emma Cole Miller
George Merring cousin to mother married Jane Cole

George Moore mother's cousin


J. E. Cole age 42 years 6 months and 10 days old

Jake Morris cousin to mother

Jane Cole Merring father's younest sister

John Stroud mother's only brother

Joseph Merring cousin to mother

Lorentis Cole fathers brother died in Civil War

Mary Parker-Aldrige father's cousin

mother 53 years 9 months old

Frank Merring mother's cousin

Oscar J. Cole

S. George Cole father's brother

Samuel Merring mother's cousin died in the Civil War

Sarah A. Cole age 12 years

Sarah Catherine Arbilla Warner-Cole Albert's wife

"Unknown" mother's cousin