from Allegany County Democrat Newspaper - August 6, 1884; Researched and Submitted by Mary Rhodes


Two Buildings Burned and Two Saloons Wiped Out!!

     About 11 o'clock Friday night the double store building formerly occupied by Sheffield as an oil well supply store was discovered to be on fire.  Part of the building was used as a saloon.  In an adjoining building Halsey Bros. conducted another saloon or restaurant.  On the second floor of both buildings families lived.

     Both buildings were destroyed, with some portions of the contents.  Fortunately no lives were lost.  A call for help was sent to Wellsville by telephone.  Chief Rhodes very sensibly passed out sufficient word to get out such apparatus as was needed without raising an alarm.  The Macken and Baldwin hose companies and the Brooklyn hand engine were brought out and taken to the depot, when word was received that the fire was under control.

     The fire is not a specially serious one to the business interests of Allentown, yet the gap made by the fire is likely to remain open in unwelcome proof that, like scores of other oil towns, the palmiest days of Allentown have been recorded.


     G. W. Righter, loss on building $600 insured $400

     Duffy's saloon.  Loss $300, with no insurance.

     Clark, Lodging-room in the Righter Building, lost furniture, fixtures and clothing about $250.  Contents not insured, but, mostly saved.

     Halsey Bros, two story frame building used as a billiard saloon.  Loss $500.  Insurance $250.  Contents not insured, but mostly saved.

     The Allentown citizens fought this fire with great energy and success, else it must have spread to the practical destruction of the place.  ----Reporter.