"History of the Alma Church"

by Bernice Dickerson Hoagland 



(From Alma Town Historian, Ron Taylor:)   This Church is headed in the same direction as many rural churches of the county, to extinction.  The news in 2007 tells of a voting by the Wellsville Methodist Church to "accept" the remaining membership into that Church. Like many, the Church property will undoubtedly be sold to an individual for conversion into a dwelling or some other personal-use venture.  It is hoped that it will not end up in the same condition as the old Allentown School.

Although not mentioned in this history, my Grandfather (& Uncle of the author) was quite active in work sessions at the 1922/3 building conversion.  At the time my Dad, Gilbert Jr., was only 6 or 7 years old and along with his sisters who were a little older than he, was pressed into service to help carry the building materials and boards for the workmen who donated their time.  From tradition handed to me from my father I was told that Granddad was quite influenced by the Church at that time and he made several visits to personally shame others into helping to work on the construction project, some of whom were not of the faith and would never attend the Church, but, through my Grandfather's insistence did donate their time and work for the "good of the Community". 

Below is my photo of the Alma Church.  rt


Ron Taylor photo

Alma United Methodist Church, 2005