Researched & Submitted by Richard F. Palmer

Cuba Patriot, Friday, Aug. 3, 1883   


      Allentown, the metropolis of the Allegany Oil Field, is making fast its reputation as an oil town. They are getting big wells and have large sizes rows. Last week a dentist from Bolivar was visiting one of the sporting houses where he came near being eaten up by one of the old time drillers who announced to the meek and lowly dentist that he was the one called   "Sudden Death" and general desolation.  Sired by a hurricane, dam'd by an earthquake, half-brother to the cholera, nearly related to the small-pox on his mother's side!  Taken nineteen rattlesnakes and a bar'l of whisky for breakfast when in robust health! Whoo-oop! Stand back and give me room according to my strength! Blood's my natural drink and the wails of the dying is music to my ear! Cast your eye on me, gentlemen! - and lay low and hold  your breath, for I am about to turn myself loose!"

     He seized the poor dentist, made his bones rattle, bit his nose clean off, took a piece out of his ear, and then bit off the finger of an officer who arrested him. He was taken before a justice and settled it by paying the officer $100 for damage on the finger. The noseless dentist made no complaint and left town.

     Saturday evening another battle occurred, this time between a contractor and a driller of less experience in the ring. Pistols and hard "slugging" was used this time. The driller in this row some time ago became very much attached to a young lady who had shown him some favor. This lady was also receiving attention from the contractor, who she married a few months ago.

     When Mr. "Driller" heard of this he swore he would kill his rival, then himself.  He found him on the evening above mentioned in the Allen House with his wife. He drew his revolver and fired at the contractor but missed his mark, when the two men grasped and went to the floor. The contractor proved the best man and got the weapon in his possession and gave his intended murderer a good thumping with the butt of the revolver.