"My family moved to Allegany County in the mid 1800's.  My great-great grandparents were Patrick and Mary Keenan and Patrick and Bridget Cline who lived in Ward.  My grandfather, Louis Keenan, lived in Amity, NY.  He and his siblings are on the pupil lists for 1905 and 1909 at Amity New York Schools.  


I am sending you two school photographs that I beleive were taken near Amity in the early 1900's.




I do not know who the students are in the group photo, but I assume that some of them are my grandfather and/ or his brothers and sister.

The only information I have is what was written on the back of them.  Do you know anyone who may be able to help identify what year the group

photo was taken or who the children are?  Contact (Email Link) Margaret