From the Andover News, August 18, 1916.
Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer.



Popular Court Stenographer Loses His Life in Auto Accident

Henry Hall, one of Belmont’s popular young men and court stenographer for Allegany County, was instantly killed Tuesday evening at Belmont. Four other men were all more or less shaken up and bruised but none were seriously injured.

The accident happened when Mr. Hall, who was driving, turned out to pass a rig and collided with another automobile which was standing beside the road near the curb. Mr. Hall was caught underneath the overturned car and crushed to death. He was dead when he was taken out.

It is said that the party had been in Hornell during the afternoon arranging a festival that is to be held in Belmont, and were on the return trip at the time. The car belonged to Mr. Hall, who was a careful driver and how he failed to see the automobile is unknown.

The other men in the car were Walter Orriston, Frank Hawley, George Horner and Phillip Whitcomb. Mr. Horner is the most seriously injured of the four and it will be a couple of days before he will be able to resume his duties.