The First Settlement of Andover, NY;

Journal written in 1880 by Seth Baker, contradicts many things written in past history books in the county. Includes personal contact with first settler of County, Nathaniel Dike and many early pioneers of Friendship, Alfred, Almond as well as Andover. MUST READ JOURNAL!  Be prepared, it is presented in the pioneer's own writing style and original words used have not been edited.


The First Settlement of Andover, N.Y.

By Seth Baker (1799-1883), son of Alphous

      I will tel you a few things that are not mentioned in the history.  Old Mr. Convers bought the farm that old uncle Dike lived on before his death all but the west fifty acres that Nathaniel Dike oned and nethaniel dike Bilt the barn on it in 1818.  Mr. Converse to hold the pol of the postion one side of the bilding and when the bilding was up he drank so freely that he could not git home and a man by the name of bil fish and Calvin Strong carried him Home.  I was Mr. Converse to Strongs tavern and he said that people said that he was a hard Drinker but they ware mistaken he put the tumbler to his lips and drank it down there said he did not that go down easy.

      Mr. Convers had his house burnt down in the fall of 1817.  I donot remember the exact time that it hapned but I was spreading flax to rot in the field when I hurd of it the family was not at home it was in the morning that it happened.

      There is people that don’t know wat others have under went I knew one person in the month of March 1817 that traveled 1 mild and took his timber Standing and cut and made thirty trotherves and he finished about the time that the sun was going down and his breakfast was rosted potatoes and he had no dinner.       

 Andover May the fifth 1880 – Seth Baker


      My parents ware from Connecticut and moved to the townd of Granville, Washington County, N.Y.  Tadus Baker Docter Baker’s father – Thaddeus Baker  came and Survaid this townd indipendance, Alfred and Almond that he did in 1792 and he came no more to this Country until 1807.  Then he moved here and has lived here ever since.  Seth Baker his brother lived with him in the State of Vermont until they sold their farm in Vermont then they Seth Baker and Alpheus Baker came out to Andover in 1806 and they worked on the farms and clered some on both farms and soed a nusery on both farms.  The musery that father soed was near the lower end of Andover Village father and Uncle Seth when they went home that fall father got the two lots booked to him the west an next winter Seth Baker came out to Andover with the ox team and his brother Thadeus came out the next summer 1807 with his family  He hired someone to move him to Almond with a hors team then he moved from the five corners with his ox teme and moved into the loghous about two miles west of Ancover village.  There was two two romes to the house their he lived until the next season before he moved on to his farm.

      Alpheus Baker from Granvill, Washington Country, N.Y. the thired day of July 1807 to move to Andover and arrived the 17 th daye and moved into the House with thadeus Baker and lived their until next March the 26th day that Day we moved to Andover village – that was father birth Day.

      Seth Baker went back to Vermont in a bout two years and got the money for their farm and Paid Mr. Cole 150 dolars for the farm that we first lived on before moving to Andover village when we first came to the county their was not but five families in the valley___________ Culver and Folsom they lived on the farm that Joseph Williams now lives on and isaal dike and his father and Mr. Cole.  Fulsom and Culver they left and David and William Davis moved on to the farm and Henderson came into the townd with them the first time that I saw him was to Dr. Dikes Mill he staid in that part of townd until he went to work for docter Bakers father.

      Joseph Wooddrowf came here in 1809 and he got a contract of 300 acres west of the farm that Alpheus had and coped considerable onit Alpheus Baker and  Boys outout the rod from Andover to the bridge.  Father dug a well that summer that fall Mr. Woodrff returned home Granvill, Washington Co.,  the next fall he and Joseph Baker moved to Andover they had each one had an ox team  And they came as one family Joseph Baker settled on the farm that Roswin Hardy lives on now.  Joseph Wooddruff lived on his farm about two years and then his father come and wanted him to go home with him to Franvill and live with him til he could sel his farm he came back 1814.  Mr. Wooddruff traveled three hundred miles three times with an ox team and No traveled it two times besides without a teem when Casel came January 1812  He came with a one horse teem hiswife and two sons with him.  Sheldin Castle his oldest one that was with him got the lot that is east of Main Street booked to him and his parents lived in a house near where King lives and they lived there until Mr. Holoday came to Andover and bought the farm then they moved to Thadeus Bakers and lived there the rest of their lives.  Sheldin Castle stade here with his parents until next fall then he went to Dansvill to work at his trade he told John my brother he could git wood to cut but they did not giv but 25 cents pr. Cord and the wood was dry oak  Mr. Dikes folks bilt the loghouse on the farm that Castles moved into the summer after we moved up where the village of Andover now is and a man by the name of Bascom lived init the rest part of the seson the next year a man by the name of Gilson lived on the farm the next year Luthar Strong came from Lake Champlain when he came to Andover he come in the Spring of 1815 and his Sawmill was raised that fall.  Nethaniel Dike Sen. Bilt a framed house I think 1811 and lived in it abot two years and was taken Sick and Died the fore part of the winter he was buried in the buring place at Elm Valey after he was bured the nest Season Isal Dike that bilt his fathers framed duldings.  Stephen Coles house then Dike sold their farm to Mr. Crandle that lived at Bakers bridge for they said nine hundred Dolars.  Isal Dike moved down into Ohio and died shortly after Nethanel Dike lived on the west fifty acres of the farm and biltthe first fraimed barn that was bilt in Andover that barn was bilt 1818.  I helped score the timber for the frame and frame and ras it  Luther Strongbos workman and in 1819 he bilt his frist mill I helped dop all of the workto that time sawmill was not connected with the grist mill astall but was intirely separated the water wheele 16 feet in diameter and the buckets 6 feet long the wheele was the same as on over shot wheele that the water could have ben brought on to the wheele the same as on over shot but in sted of giving his attention to the gristmill as he out to have don  he must build a distillery which was a damage to himself and Community.  Strong got Joseph Woodruff to morage the North part of his farm 150 acres to raise five hundred Dolars of the Bath Ofice and he never paid for it and the Land was held by the Bath ofice and Peter Bundy bought it and Strong got 200 dolars of the old gentleman woodruff and was to git him a deed of the hundred acres where tome White lives but he never got the land for him.  Luther Strong plaid sharp with some indins they  came to him to go with then they had found 6 wolves wheps in a hollow log he went with them and gave them a certificate for the whelps he cropet three of them and three he did not corp.  I acked Strong what made him giv a certificate to the indins he said that  it was the first year that he was supervisor and he did tel him that he had a right to five a certificate He takes the whelps heds to old Squire Baker and got a Cerfificate for them in his name.  I had a talk with Squire Baker a bout it he said that Strong presented 6 whelps heds to him three of their ears was cropt and three was not and Strong wanted certificate in his nam and the Squire gave certificates three was cropped and three was not The indins presented their certificates before the Supervisors but Strong opposed their having the bounty and calculated to have it himself but he could not git it and the indins Sued him and he had to them he let 10 two years old creatures to at one time for ten dollars pr. Hed.  Old Mr. Dike bilt his framed house 1811.  And Stephen Cole bilt his framed house 1814.  I was to both of those rasings.

      Mr. Dike finished his House and lived init until he died it was late in the fall when he Died.  I was to the funnel and helped carry the coffin to the grave Stephen Coles house was not put up until the next year after Mr. Dike died.  There is no wone living in ths townd but my self that was to those rasings  Now that I know of  after Mr. Dikes deth his sons sold the farm to Mr. Crandle that lived to Bakers Bridge Nethanil Dike the old gentlemans youngest son resarved the wet fifty acres or bought it of Mr. Crandle  I donot know which.  But I know that he lived onit and bilt the first barn that was bilt in this townd  Strong hued the timbers for the barn I helped score the timber and frame and rase it that was 1818.

      Then we the same season went to Almon into the Carvalley and framed a barn for Samuel Magee then we came and put up a frame barn for Ami Whitney in 1818.  Mr. Holoday and Converse in Spring of 1814 as near as I can Calculate Holoday was here when Strongs Sawmill was raised when we ware putting on the bed timbers Job Holoday was on the back end Samuael Baker was a bout the Middle of the timber Holoday shoved the timber of and it fell 14 or 16 feet to the ground and Samuel Baker fell after the timber and fell his side onto the timber it hurt him very much they bled him and he revived up and was able to walk about in a few ours.

      Strongs Sawmill was bilt in the year 1815 and he had it running the next Spring and sawed out a good quantity of lumber the water wheele to his sawmill was 10 feet long and thirty inches in diameter then in febuary 1817 we commenced to open the rode through Greenewood on the Conisque to git the mill Stone and it was between the fifteenth and twenteth of febuary and the ground bare there was no snow on the ground we had a good shelter covered with hemlock brush and a good fire before us it commenced snowing a little before dark and it came very fine and in the morning the snow was that deep that every step that we took we lifted the snow on our knees and we had 7 or 8 miles to go – we found hard traveling.  My brother Alpheus Baker came from Ohio in a few dayes he wanted that I wold go with him to Ohio and we went and chopped some for Oliver Babcock.  He was the first man that settled in indipendance.  We went to Crider Crick and oh pt. two acres for John Tater that was on the farm that he let his son John have we had it about half don when the family got their  we could git no mony for our work and I came to work for Strong on his gristmill it was about the middle of April and we got out the timber for the mill and put it up and enclosed the frame and made the geering for it the shaft was two feet in diameter and the water wheele was 16 feet in Diameter  and the length of the bucket was 6 feet the water was brought on to the fifth bucket from the bottom of the wheels  the wheele was calculated so that the water could have been brought on to the top of the wheele  we got Strongs mill finished in September 1819.  Then I went home with Mr. Blake to Friendship near Highirs tarven and he bilt a sawmill for him self and he sold it to Mr. Higgins 2 or 3 years after and moved 1 mild down the Streme and bilt a nother mill when I first went to work for Blake he put me to huing timber for his mill and the 9, 10, and 11th days of November was foggy and dark  that I  could not see a black line the lenth of a forty feet timber  the 11th day in the afternoon the fog passed of and I had found where some deer came onto a field of wheet and I went out that evening and got two of them  that fall my brother Samuel came to Frindship and I came home with him and we called into see Willard Addams.  He broke his lage a spel before he was not able to walk. He lived then on the farm that Crowner now lives on – this was 1819.  Nathaniel Dike Jr., bilt his barn the   before Willard Addams traded with Dike and got the farm of Dike in two or three years of Dike after the barn was bilt and lived their the rest of his days.  Wilard Addams never bilt a barn.  Holoday came in 1813 and Mr. Converse abut the same time.  I must tel some more about the settlers first moving to Andover.  Thadeus Baker Docter Bakers father came and survaid the townd of Almond and Alfred  Andover and indipendance for the Pulteny Estate that he did abot 1792 and he went back to the townd of Poltny in the State of Vermont and did not move to Andover until 1807  Stoped at the hous two milewest of the village.  My father Alpheus Baker came to Andover with His family in 1807 and moved into a Hous that was on the farm that Simeon Hand did liv on before he died that was the hous that James Dike and Brokins and Hide Bilt and lived in whin they first came into the place father moved to Andover village 26 day of march 1808.  Mr. Joseph Woodruff came himself the 17 day of May 1809  He lived with the family that Summer and he larnt us to Sing what he could that Season father and his boys and Mr Woodruff cut the rode from Andover to Bakers bridge in the fall he went back home to grandvill and the next year 1810 he and Joseph Baker moved back to Andover with two yoke of oxen and in 1811 he helped old inkle Nathaniel Dike frame and rase his house.  Mr. Dike moved in to his hous that fall  he lived there and Joseph Woodruffs father came the next season and he went back to Grandvill with his oxteam and staid until they could sell their farm and he and his father move to Andover again with two yoke of oxen.. That was late in the fall of 1814.  Luther Strong came in the next Spring as erley as the wether would admit and he settled down as son as he could and went to work gitting out the timber for his sawmill and raised it that fall 1815.  In 1818 Nethaniel Dikes Barn was putup that was where Willard Addams lived.  Luther Strong moved into the hiuse where Alpheus Baker lived in the village and lived there while he was bilding his gristmill.  The next Spring 1820 he moved up to the grismill the first Scoll was taught there the Summer the Strongs gristmill was bilt.  The next Summer Hariet Fellows taught the Scool  1820 the next year 1821 the Log Scool Hous was Bilt and David Wilson from Indipendance taught the Scool the next Summer Stephens from Almond taught the School he was a Lame man and the nest winter John S. Baker taught School.

      Uncle Eligah Hunt, Mr. Gasinth  Hunts father came to Andover 1826  Settled on the farm that Hardy lives on and bilt the first barn that was bilt ontil Mr. Holoday bilt the gristmill at Andover.  Mr. Eligah Hunt bought the gristmill of mister Holody in a few years and Samuel Hunt a carrieg maker Mr. Hunts brother moved his tools into the mill and the mill caut fire and was burnt down and all his tool was burnt and Mr. Samuel Hunt then putup the house that King lives in and used it for a shop while he lived in Andover.  Joel Norton moved on the farm that Aplheus Baker used to live on in 1821 that was the next yearafter Strong left the farm and he lived onit a few years and then he moved west to the Ohio.  Thadeus Bakers father came and Survaid Almond and Alfred and Andover and indapendance  this Survaining was Done before Mr Dike settled in the place then he went back to Vermont and did not move back to Andover until 1807 his oldes child was not born until the thirteth day  of January  after he had got home he lived there until his children was born he had 6 children and docter Baker was the youngest and he was not two years old when they moved to Andover.  He did not move to Andover Village intil 1808.

      Thadeus Bakers brother Seth came out with the ox team and Sled and must have brought the cart wheeles with him for the old Squire never had a wagon always used a cart and his brother came the winter before the family did with the ox team so he was redy to work on the farm the Sumer while the family was on the road.  And in the fall he helped.  He and his brother went to work on his house and they did not git that bilt so that the family could move into it intil the next Summer 1808.  I rather think that he went the next winter to Varmont and get their mony and after he came back he bought the farm that we stopet on when we came in to Andover.  He bilt a Block House the North Side of the rode and set out them biggest apple trees and lived there the rest of his days. He was the first person that was buried in the Lever Simitry.  Thadeus Baker Sen. Did not have to lieve his farm to work for aney thieng for the support of his family he did not help cut the rods until they ware put on record when we first came to Andover these 4 townds was one townd Alfred was the name of the townd and the first townd meeting was held at Benjamin Van Campens in Almon.  Thadeus Baker was elected Justice of the Piece and held the office Several year  townd meetings held every year until the townds ware divided they had traning in the townd before the war of 1812.  Clark Crandle of Alfred was Captin and Joseph Baker was Sergent and Joseph Woodruff was corperal and they was warned to go to general traning and that was to a place called Sanford Townd.  William Y. Henderson he was fifer there was five that went from Andover, they started the day  before the trnind and had to camp in the woods betwixt Almond an Angelica.  Clark Crandle was Captain when he helped lay out the road that was ran from Andover to the bridge that was the first road that was ran in the townd the comisheners was calculating to have it continue down the valley they ran it down a little below the depot and they stopet and after a few dayes they came and laied it out by the Sqires down on the Side hill when we moved up where the village now is in 1808 old Mr. Dike bilt a loghous a little above where the gristmill now stands and a man by the name of Bascum lived init that Summer then he moved away and went to Kentucky that fall after he left a man by the name of Gilson moved into the House and lived there, the next winter and Sumer and that Spring he made Shugar on the farm and the next fall he left the place and the next I hurd from him he came from Canaday before the War with Ingland of 1812  the next family that moved into the hous after Gilson was Castle in 1812.  Then the people what few there was there held their meetings there was not but three then in the place for Mr. Woodrowfe had returned back to Granvill with his father and he did not return back to Andover until the fall of 1814 then he took the Lead of the Singing until the next Spring then he gave it up to Strong when he moved in to Andover.  Then the meetings ware held at Alpheus Bakers wher the village now is it was so that it did accommodate the inhabitence beter and they first commenced to hold meetings at the house where Mr Castle lived  old Squire Baker did not read  He led In prare father He read the hymns and the Sarmons I was one of the Singers and do no how they did conduct their meetings  father red the himn and then hand the buck to my Self and brother and we Sing and then return the Book back to father and then he would read the Sarmon  I never new old Squire Baker to read when father was able reed.  Squire Baker had a good larning but those that aquainted with him know that he was a very moddrate spoken that would bee a hindrance to read in publick  I did use to go to meeting every Sabbath  it war rare that I staid away and I don’t remember of seeing Thadeus Baker Jr., come to meeting while it was held at Castles and he did not larn to sine until Mr Asa Allen came to Andover then he held his singing shool in the log school house.  Thadeus docter baker did  not larn to sing until he lernt of Mr Allen and that was several years after the reading meetings was held so that he did not know any thing about them.  Mr Holoday came to Andover 1813 and bought the farm that Castle lived on and Castle and his wife moved into the house with Squire baker and lived there the rest of their dayes.  I bilt a sawmill for Mr Fulmore (Fulmer) I commenced it 1824 and finished it in the next year then I went to work at one for my self that I bilt where Mr Cob now lives and I got it to sawing 1827.  The lumber that was manufactured ware taken to Dansvill  I sold to one Duti Green that lived this side of Bakers bridge anuf to bild a house not fare from 20 by 30 for 3 ½ dollars  after taking out the culs.  When Gordin and Bunday commenced lumbering in Andover they curried their lumber to hornilsvill and sentit down the river to market  they made mony  I find that thos that did give the information for this townd did not know anything about what was don when the inhabitants first moved into the place when we got the rode cut threw to Bakers Bridge we used to go to the Canesto for what grane that we needed  I know that father tok a job of clearing 12 or 15 acres of land of Colonel Mac Burney a little above Canisteo.  He got one yoke of oxen and a cow that was the first teem that he bought after coming into the townd,  Father cleared in the neighberhood 8 or 10 acres of land for George Hornel at Hornelsvill.  We used to go there to mill to go hors back would take two dayes  the nearist BlackSmith we had was Silas Stillman he then lived West of the carding of Wooling Mill  I took one of those plow shares after the blacksmith had got it finished onto the Horse before me and fetched it all of the way to Andover with out rest and I had to come through the wood in the dark  the distance of about 9 or 10 miles.  The nearest Store was Bath  I have ben to Mill Hornelsvill to mill a number of times before there was eney village.  George Hornel was the onele house and that stood a few rods below the rode.

      I must tel you something abot the docters that has lived in Andover.  I lived here some 16 or 17 years before a physician came to Andvoer to live and I do no ho ware the first docter.  Docter Rice was he was the first Physician that lived in Andover  he practised one or two years before Spicer came to Andover ands lived in tound several years in the tound after Spicer came to Andover.  Docter Rice was a good docter I will tel some of the tales that I do know about him  when he came to Andover it was in the month of May  I had  a hors and I had to let hur runn on the commons until after haing and harvesting for I had no paster for hur.  Tis was in May and Spicer came to me and wanted the privledge to ride my hors 2 or 3 dayes until the colt that his mare had could folow the mare of he should have to knock it in the hed. I told him that he might.  I supposed tnat  I was dealing with a man that would do like he would like to be done to.  But instid of that  he used my horse until Augus  some tim in the month then he sent his son and told me that the horse was mising and he did not no what had become of the horse.  I left my work and spent two or Three dayes sarching for the horse.  I did not think of loking nere the village all though it semod strange to me that she shold stray of.  When she had ben contented so long on the mons I went over to Mr Alvin Holms near Whitesvill he was the man that I bought the horse of but she had not ben ther and I left of looking for hur about one weak from the time that the horse was first mist.  Spicer sent me word that the horse was found  I went to Spicers and he went with me  the horse was nere where Swinks ashery stood.  It was in the place where the horses stod to fite flies.  She was cut from the brisket to the lag the hole of the boddy it must have ben done when the horse wa on her feet for it was cut right a long near the end of the ribs and she fell down without a struggle  it was smothe as tho you was calculating to scin the animal  I said to Spicer how could that have be done  He said that it must have benn a bull.  I told him that if it had ben a bull that he would have plieed his hed up.  I had aught to have went up to the village and invited the people to have gon a tun the beast for themselves.  I did not know the man yet I was dealing with  he was the subttle of eny one that ever had eney thing to do with Spicer never paid me a farthing for my horse  he and his family some of them rode her three or fore times to portage and I did not no eney thing about until afterwardes.  Mr. Allen told me when I saw him that the last that he saw hur she was standing in the rode by theside of his barn and he said that she loked like deth  I have always ben sorry that I did not git the nabors to go and see the horse I was surprised to find a man professing to preach the gospil that could be gilty of such conduct but I must tel you more of him that I know  He came to my mill he had a few logs that he wanted me to saw for him.  I told himthat he must wait a few days for I had to saw a few logs for a nother man before I could saw his  he said that he would have them saweed if it cost him a law  suite.  I told him  that he must not put them on the logway but he would and I put them of.  Spicer borrowed a cradle to cut some grain with of a man and he did not bring it home again.  He left it one year and he served a soons on Spicer for the cradle and Spicer put the sute of along time and he wanted me for a witness. He had not served no suppena and I went to Almon to mill  it was late when I got back and I supposed that people would all still  in the village but Spice stept into the road appeared to bee sorry that I did not attend the law sute  I told him that I did not know eny thing abut the affair  he said you no what the people are and we must going together and put them down  I told him that I could not do that.  He came into my mill one time I think he wanted me for a wtness in the raflree trail and I said to him Mr. Spicer if you stand for so small affairs why aint you willing to pay me something for my horse that you rode until she died  he said that he had ofered me pay and I refused to take it  I tol hem that he had never offered me enything for the forse and he flew into a crazy a rage as I ever saw a man in and Spicer caled me a rascal and a scoundral.  I expected he would lay his hands on me the first thought I wished that he would   I should have tried his strength when I came to take the second thought I did not want enything I was that mad but I felt greaved to think that he should ride the fors until she died and the lie me out of her in that way.

      Spicer always would tel me what he wanted when he and ware alone but I must tel you more of the man be came to me again and he wanted me for a witness this was in the case betwixt Spicer and Rapilee he said all that he waned of me was to say that it would not be safe for him to procede to trial with Jerimiah S. Martins testimony against him.  I told Spicer that I had not hurd Martin say ennything against Spicer and I said to him what cold I say if eny body should ask me what mad me qualify to eney such a thing  he said the question never would be asked  I could not go with him enefurther and I hever hurd him preach enny more then he took the chruch in his own hands and caled it a Persbyterian Church and put me on suspence  Mr Allen he  came here and he said it was not a presbyterian Church and he restored me back when Spicer found that he was cheked in his undertaking then he sued me for slander then he had a Supreme writ served on me.  Bullock was the sherrif  Vame Spicer came with him.  I told the Serrif that I wanted a copy of the warrant  he said that if I gave him 19 cents he would give it me  the Sherrif said that I had better settle  I told him that I wanted to settle and he told me that we would resk that until the Day of Judgment  Spicer said that was for the horse and he had paid me for hur and he could prove it  I tol him hehad never paid me one cent  th Sherif spake again and said that I had better settle with the elder.  I tokd him that I spake to Spicer at another time that we should settle and he said that our bisness could not be settled oneleby trial.  I told him if that was the case the oneley thing that I had todo was to defend myself  the best that I could with what little propperty I had  I got a lawyer to ten to it and Spicer lt the Sute run down  he thout that he could scare me but when he found that I stod redy to defend myself he did not want to go eney further.  I have hurd that they have got it on the church Book that we had settled our trouble but I have never had a settlement with him  it is erewit to be used so when a man expects he is dealing with a Christian but he reveals his principal after he lleft here by cutting his throat.  I have hurd it remarked where a ministers daughters dos rong and you mentioned it you must not say any thing about it for she is a ministers daughter.  I don’t think that a professor should be uphild in eny thing that is rong no soner than any other person.  I have not went to meeting late years so stiddy as I used to for I have the rheumatism so that it is hard for me to travel about and one of my feet is out of joint and that and the other Lameness makes it very hard for me to walk.

      We lost tow children and one of the other children had the hooping cough and asma setin.  And we caled in a docter and he did not docter to sute and we did not imploy him eny more and shot after began to send a committee to labor with me whenever a new minister came to preach  they would send a committee to deal with me  they sent a man I think by the name of Baldwin  he had the aperance of a mile man he named over the accusations and I answered them the last accusation he has was that I had slandered the docter and he injuered him on thousand dollars.  I tol him that I had never slandered him I was willing that eneybody should imploy him that wanted him but I could not imploy him eney more and I would as soon tell the docter so as I would him then I requested my wife to fetch the Jawbone and let the Elder see them She gave it to him and he loke at it and he said that was to bad and he left  that was the last that I have hurd from them  it appears that they did not like to have the truth revield.

      I will tel you a little more about William Y Henderson  the first that I saw him it was to old Mr. Dikes grist mill in 1808.  He came into the place with David Davis or about that time David Davis lived on the farm that Joseph Williams now lives on  Henderson loged about for Davis and he did not the work to suit and  Davis sued him and they had an arbitration  it was held in Alfred and Henderson was under age and he had the advantage and he improved it threw the case on to Davis then the two Davises and Henderson  started for Mr. Dikes and David Davis said that the infant had ben nughty and he must be wipt and he cut some whips and he made him take of his cote and he gave him a hare wipping when they came to old uncle Nathaniel Dikes to old gentleman lived then in his new hous  Davis wanted Henderson shold give him atrail that hed of Davises and he could not rase his hand high enough to take it down and he asked Mrs. Dike to take it down for him and when Davis had left he set himself downand began to cry and they had they said to coaks him along before he would tel what did ale him  he said that Davis told him if he told eny body what he had done he would massacure him  Henderson was not of age and old Mr. Dike prosicuted Davis for Henderson and my brother Samuel had to tend  cort  he was a witness for Mr. Dike  then Mr. Davis settled with henderson and that put an end to the Law Sute  Henderson then came and went to work for Old Squire Baker and Soon mared his second daughter Anna Baker.  He bilt a House where Menso Brundages now stands by the road that goes up the hill there by the Catholic buring ground.  From ther Henderson went out to Lake ere near the indin resorvation and he lived there something about six or seven years  he came back to Andover about 1823 and he has lived in this section of the country ever since.  I must tel you more about Nethaniel dike Jr. He married old Squire Bakers oldest daughter Polly was hur name  he must have been married before Henderson  was  he lived with his father and when his father got his framed house bilt then isal dike went into the House with his father  and Nathaniel went inot the hous that Isal dike lived in  that was where Willard Addams did when he died.  Nethaniel Dike on the farm and in 1819 he bilt the barn that was on the farm I was to work with Strong a man by the name of Daniel Herick took the barn to bild and he got Strong to hew the timber and freom the barn for him.  Nathaniel Dikes barn was the first barn that was putup in this valey.  I could relate a number more indidents that did  occur.  I will tel you about the man that was lost  he lived near the mouth of traping brook. I had ben near Dunkirk and I was coming Home and I caled to Williams tavarn to take som dinner and he told me about the mans being lost that they ware that day and then next and if he was not found thay would take up the famely and I understand was the ninth day I came and the next day we starte and went to Whites South West corner on the rode that runs to Fulmrs and we started about a west course we did not go more than one hundred or two hundred rods before old Mr Starte was found.  He could not stand  he would crall about on his hands and knees  he had dug probbely a dozen holes with his hands as deep as he could to git the mouster he was so dry the old man would not have ben found if we ha not went from this neighberhood  the people from Welsvill wanted that we should go down Trapping brook and they would come up the brook and meet us but they did not come up the brook they made their sarch around the settlement after we had found the man  three of us went down the traping brook and we fired several guns and bloed the horn but we could git no answer from them those that caried Mr. Strate down to Wilard Addams they sent on South from there and they found some of the people that was looking for him  it was rather singular that he did live his clothing  w are light one night we had quite a snow.

      I must tel you about the meetings that was held before the church was organized  the first meeting that held at Andover was held in the House that Mr Castle lived in   the meetings was kept there until Mr Holodat came to Andover   then Holday bought the farm and mover into the house and Mr. Castle move to old Squire Bakers and lived the rest of his dayes  the meetings was not there to Castles but one Summer then the meetings was held to Alpheus Bakers house in the village the meeting was held at his house until 1816 then Alpheus Baker went to the Ohio  then the meetings did stop for he was the principe reeder  Mr. Asa S. Allen came to Andover about 1823 and their was no meetings held after Alpheus Baker left Andover  until Mr. Allen moved to Andover that would be about 7 or 8 years that was no meetings held when Mr Allen came to Andover  he comenced holding meetins in the log skool house  The meetings was held their until they culd putup a farme hous  I framed that bilding  there was a mistake when the lines of the Lots were run out in Andover  The Corner stake that is by John Coddins house used to stand  twenty rods north by Swinks hotel it was always expected that the corner stake stod where it should unti we had cleared the land and dug a well  that strip was not taken from the farm  not until after Jole Horton had occupied it.  Some two or three years in 1815 father went to the Ohio  Strong was very urgent that he should go  father thought that he would like to see the Ohio but he was not aware what his obell (?) would be when he got to the Ohio  he wrote to his family that they could do as they chose but Strong stated a false report and the family moved to the Ohion and Strong move on to the farm in 1817  he did not by the farm  I hurd all of the conversation that was hold betwixt them  father calculated to have come back  Strong started a false report and got the family to move to the Ohio and they ware not able to move back Strong mov into the house after the family had left it.  Lived there until he had bilt Nethaniel Dikes barn in 1818 and in 1819 he bilt his gristmill then the next Spring 1820 he moved up to his gristmill  Strong never oned the farm he went on to the farm without paing eney thing for the improvements in 1822 a man by the name of Joel Norton bought the inprovements of Strong and worked the farm about 2 years then he left and the farm was not occupied until about 1830  then Mr Goodwin bought the farm that was John Goodwins  father  Thadeus Baker came and Survaied thos tounds this was done before old uncle Nethaniel dike came into the tound and then Thadeus Baker went back to Vermont and did not return until 1807 his oldest daughter was born the 30 day of January after he got home and he staid there until his children ware all born and Thadeus was the youngest  he was born 1806 the reading meeting ware held to Mr Castles in one thousand eight Hundred and twelve and part of 1813 and then they ware moved to Aplheus Bakers Hous in the villag and was left there until 1816.  then father went to the Ohio then there was no more meetings until Mr Allen came to Andover  Thadeus was an inent while the meetings were held at Castles and I have no recollection of his ever going to meetings until after Mr Alling came to Andover then after he had ben in the townd 2 or 3 years  he taught a Singing Scool and Thadeus Baker Attended the Singing Scool that was the first that he new eney thing about singing  Mr Woodruff went back to Granvill in the fall of 1811 and did not move back to Andover until the fall of 1814 while he was absent my brother Alpheus and myself was the principal Singers when Mr Woodruff and Strong the next Spring then we had a good quire of Singers when father then the meetings was brought to a close for I was living with Strong about two years and there was no meetings held until Mr Allen came to Andover  I will write some more about the first settlers that came to Andover  the history that has ben published some things that are very rong  it represents that Thadeus Baker after surveing this townd and the dound of Almond and Alfred and indipendance he went home to vermont and sold out his farm and back to Andover  that is a mistake for his oldest child was not born until after he had got home.  She was born the 30 day of January after his return home from survaing Andover and the rest of the tounds that he survaid and he did not return to Andover until hischildrer were all born and Thadeus was the youngest st that all may see that he was nothing but an infant when the meetings were held to his grand fathers Castles old Squire Baker when he came to Andover his gurls used to help their father work the farm when Thadeus Baker moved to Andover he had 6 children and thadeus was the youngest and he was born the year before they moved to Andover  He did not no eveything a bout how the meeting was conducted  I have no recollection of his tending the meetings until after Mr Allen came to Andover  then he larnt to sing he tended the meeting midling regular  Hester the old Squires third daughter  She worked with hur father until she got maried.

      Alpheus Baker while he lived in Grandvill he worked at his trade he was a copper by trade  he had no farm so he had no teem to move himself with. He hired a man to move his famely by the name of John Feleher  we staid in the townd of Bath Stuben County  the next day we came throught the Mokhenry Valey up to the 5 Corners and then father came to Mr Dikes and got Mr Isael Dike to come with his ox teem and sled to move the family to Andover  he moved into a log house that stod a little north of the fode on the farm that Simeon Hand resold  old Squire had moved into the north room of the same house  three of four weeks before father bilt him a house where Andover is and moved into it the 26 of March it was on his birthday.  Thadeus Sen. Did not move on to his farm until the next Summer   I cannot tell the exact time Thadeus Baker was her and survaid Andvoer Alfred and Almon and Indipendance abot 1792 or three and then he went home and he did not come to this country again until 1807  then he moved here  with 6 children  Thadeus was the youngest  he was born the Summer before his family came to Andover so he would not know eney thing about what was done  father when he moved his family  to Andover he had 7 children and a noterh born in September after that the family had moved to Andover  Father hd no teem when he came to Andover fhe first thrashing flere that we had to thrash our frane on we had to goin to the woods and take logs and split themand hew one side and then spot the other side onto the sleepers that will make s solid flore to thrash on  those that have a teem they do not know how to Sympethise with those that have none  fahter had no teem when he came here for two or three yrars  he took a yoke job to clear a folow up mackburney above Canesteo or the brick tavern and he got a teem of him and a cow in 1808.  We planted about tow or three acres of corn and we had to log it by hand with out eny teem we raised a goo crop of corn the seed was brought from Canisteo.

      The road after that was opened to Alfred we had to go to Almon and got a barel of salt was 5 dolars pr barrel and he got Uncle tarball Whitney to fetch it to the summit where Davis Leo (Gee?) lived and father went to Squire Baker to git his teem to fetch his salt but he could not git the teem and father and my two oldset brother took the hand sled and went and drawed the barell of salt home on the hand sled  and by the time that the barrell was opened  the old Squire came to borrow some salt and father let him have some  father after he went to the Ohil there was a man that was hunting up the the men that ware solgers in the revulution army and father was a solger in the American Army  he sent me a leter and he wanted that I should go to old Squire Baker and git his a affidavit and send it to him  I went to the old Squires and all the answer that he would give me was that he had aught to have a Penshion.  I see in the history this tound that Spicer was the first physician in Andover which is a grate mistake for Docter Rice was the first Physician in Andover  he and Docter Barny Doctered together in Andover about one year then Rice moved in to the house that Strong use to live in.  Docter Rice was the docter in andover about tow years before Spicer came to Andvoer.  Docter Rice lived several years in Andover. After Spicer came to Andover.

      The first captin that was in Andover was Luther Strong and he served as Captin until he left for pensylvana then Mr Allen served as captin until he was promoted to major then Asa Shomaker was captin then after him Swink hd the ofice.  The wild animels ware plenty when we first came to Andover. My tow oldest brothers started one morning to go down to Mr Dikes when they had gone about one mild they saw a hed of them 6 or 7 wolves in the rode to play.  Some of them ware and did not seeme to heede them  the boys cut each of them a good club then they started a long the rode  the wolves moved up onto the side hill  the wolves was plenty when we first came to Andover  their was 6 or 7 wolves ran a deer one morning in site of the house  it was in the month of March there was quite a debth of snow on the ground with a crust on the top of it that made it hard for the deer but did not hinder the wolves about running the deer was not more than 6 rods ahed of the wolves  the deere could not have went a grate wayes farther before the wolves would take it  that was before I began to hunt  after I began to hunt I should have been glad to have seen the wolves after a deer  I should have folowed them  the deer could not have ran far before the wolves.  The wolves was very plenty when we first came to Andover the Spring of 1810  the dog made quite a fus  the dog run into the wods barking all of the way as he went  and then he would come back in the same way  it was a wolf   when he would git close to the house the wolf would turn and put for the woods and the dog after him but the wolf  was very carful not to sxpose himself after that he had ben discovered to know what animel he was  father and myself went to the Shuger camp we had boiled down a batch of shugar the day before and the scum that was taken of from the Syrup was put into a trought and the wolves had cleaned the trogh.  The wolves ware fdquite troublesom if sheep was not yarded  nites when I lived where Mr Cob lives one Spring I had 20 or 22 sheep that I shered in the fall when I got my sheep to gether I could not find but four.  The wolves killed 9 in one night for me the bares kild some of them  I went to the paster one day and I found that some of the sheep was missing and I began to serch the fence and I foundwhere the animel caried the sheep over the fence  The Bers caried the Sheep one rod from the fence and et what he wanted and then He left  I know that it was a Bere for I could see the gers hare on the fence and the wole of the shepes was on the fence the mark of the Beres nales was plane to be seen on the fence.  A Bare kiled a year old steer for Samuel Baker one Spring near where A’Donell lives in east of Hiram Boyd now lives  my brother and myself went to git water to a spring that is up to the foot of the hill that is east of the vilage of Andover.  We had ben to the spring and had filed our woden botle with water that wuld hold two and half galons and started from the spring.  8 rods and we stoped to rest and loked back and a Bare stod there by the spring with  his forward feet upon a log looking about.  We left our cag of water and ran to the house  father went after the Bere with the dog but the bere would not go up a tree for the dog.  A young deer is verey easely tamed  we caut a fawn and we caried it to the house and we left it a few minites and then we caried it back where we found it and we had to hide from it  it wanted to folow us.  My brother Alpheus and I went up on the side hill and we had a dog with us  we hurd the dog bark and he started a fawn and I stod in a doke betwne two old roots and the first that I saw of the fawn he jumped onto the rise of ground nere the root and the next jump he tok two of he feet struck me on the side of my hed and the other two struck my shoulder and he knocked me down and spilt my beries five or six qts.  Afterwards I hould liked to have had a fawn jump onto me but he was out of sight before I was on my beet  the brush was very thick close by the indins used to come to Andover to hunt and they would come to fathers to git something to eat and our folks would always giv the indin something to eat  the indin had quite an ere for music  two of them camped before the house  where the meetings ware held and the wether was plesant and the dore was kept open and every time that we sang the indins would crawl out from the brush and watch us  as soon as we would stop singin they would crall back on theor hands and feet to their camp  in the time of the War of 1812 there was 19 indins came to Andover to hunt  they staid a Bout 8 days and they kiled a grate many deer in that time  we would here them begin to shoot their guns as soon as it was clearely light in the morning the deer was very plenty  when the inins began to hunt but when they left we could find but few for quite a long time.  I have hurd some people tel that the Canada thissle springs from the ground the same that the comon thissle does but there was no Canada thissles in Andover until they ware fetched from Vermont.  Luther Strong went to Vermont and his con Calvin sent by his father to git him some clover seed and he soed it and when it grew it wasfull one half was Caneda thissles and thirstin began to draw dish blackes he cut that grass to feede his horse on  he scatered the Canneda thissles where ever his rods ware  throug the woods  those that have a team knows nothing how those sufer that has no team  father had no teem until he bought one of Macburne  he cleared 22 akers of land on the Canisteo after the rode was opened to the bridge we got all of our grane that we bought from that section when we got our grinding done to Mr Dikes mill we had to carry our grane by hand and our login we had to do without a teem it is imposibel to describe the troble togit along without a team I cannot tel you what people had to undergo that had not a teem.  The first minister that preached in Andover was the Rev. Robert Hubbard. I was to meeting and hurd him preach.  I will tell a little about what some people did  suffer in Andover.  Father got the forward wheeles of a waggeon and we had to withstiks onto the exltree and we had 8 bushels of wheete that was groung we had a yoke of three years old steers and they ware fast travelers  we started the sun was about one hour high at evening the place that we started from was near the sheese factory  this way of Alfred and we kept faithful all knight  We got to where Harde now lives, out cart turned over on us.  Luther Strong wanted that my brother and myself to go to almon and fetch a bee hive from Benjamin VanCampen.  We went out and back the same day  we fetched it on a pole betwixt us  that was a hard dayes work.  I will tel you a little more about the people that lived at Shumakers Corners.  Old Mr. Dike put up his framed house in 1811 and he moved into it and he lived in it until he died the next season  Stephen Cole bilt his house  Isal Dike framed it for Mr. Cole.  I was to the rasing of the house and Mr Cole sent Daniel his son out to James Dikes  his uncle that kept tavern belo Almond to git whiskey for the rasing and he did not git home until we had raised all but the rafters.  After old uncle Nethaniel Dikes deth Nethaniel Dike his youngest son maried old Squire Bakers oldest daughter for his first wife and he had three children by hur and then she died and then he mared his second wife and he lived all of this time on the farm that Wilard Addams lived on when he died in 1818.  Nethaniel Dike bilt the barn that afterwards was the barn that was Wilard Addams but Dike bilt this barn Willard Addams lived on the farm that Alf Crowner now lives on and in the fall of 1819 he still lived there  it was the later part of Novemer I caled to see him  he had his lage broke he was not able to walk yet when Dikes barn was bilt  I helped score the timber for the frame and then I helped frame it and raise the barn  then when the frame was putup then he said that there must bee a bottle and dike hove the bottle andit did not brake and he had the bottle handed up the second time then he threw it onto a shed and then it broke  then he was satisfied.  The trout was plenty when we first came to Andover my brother and I caut 250 trout out of one hole of water in the crick.  I will not tell all the hardships that befel the inhabitance but will tel a few in febuary before Strong bilt his gristmill  three of us was cutting the rode for to draw in Strongs millstone.  We had got over to where the land decends to Bennits Crick, the next morning the snow was that depth that every step that we would lift snow of our knees  the ground was naked before the snow fel  we had to travel 7 or 8 miles.  People a good meny of them suffered a gratdeal of hardships when the inhabitence first moved into Andover.  The first season they bought their provisions of Mr Dike  what they could not rase themselves but as soon as the rodes ware opened to Almon and Hornelsvill we used to go there to git the privision that we needed.  Some had to go to Dansvill to purchase ther grane that they needed in the season when the ground was bare it was hard to git milling done in the later part of the season some people would have to subsist on potatoes.  Sometimes three or four weeks before they could git to mill to git frinding don.

      I have seen the time when we lived 3 dayes with nothing but milk to drink.  The deer ware plenty and we used to kill a good meny of them  they ware a grate hellp to the inhabitence  the first deer that I kiled was the fall after I was thirteen years old.  I will tel you a gain about the first settlers.  Old uncle Nethaniel Dike setled at Elmvaley in 1795.  Mr. Cole and James Dike came in to the place shortely after James Dike settled on the farm Simeon Hand used to live on and Mr. Hide and Benjamin Brokins lived in the same house a spel  and then Hide moved on to the Genesee river belo Belvideer.  Dike settled about two miles belo Almond and Brokins settled on the Canisteo.  Thadeus Baker came and survaied those 4 tounds about 1792 because he did the Survaing befor old uncle Dike settled in tound. I cantel you Seth Baker his brother lived with him and worked the farm in Vermont while his brother Thadeus was survaing those tounds.  Whe he had finished survaing he went home and his oldest child was born the 30 day of january after he got home.  And he came not again to Andover until his children ware all born. He had 6 children and Thadeus ____  ____  ____ ____  was the younges child and he was born in 1806 that was the year that father and uncle Seth came to Andover and clered some on both farms and soed a nusery  on both farms and they soed some two or three acres of wheat.  I helped harvest it after we came to Andover and when father and uncle Seth went home that fall they stoped to Bath and father got the two farmes booked to him.  The old Squire did not have the farmes securd to him as has ben represented.  A contract would run but ten years and after he had survid the country  he staid in Vermont untilf after his 6 children was born so that he was in Vermont about fourteen years before he came to this place again after he came back he got his contract in 1807.  Seth Baker and Alpheus when they went home the winter before Thadeus Baker moved  Seth his brother came with the ox teem and cart and  he was here and worked on the farm while the family was moving.  He planted potatoes on both farmes and when Thadeus Baker when he had got setled down and was redy to go to work on his house his brother worked with him until the house was redy for the family and they ware moved  he moved in to his house in 1808.  And  come to think it all over it was the next winter that Seth Bake his brother went to Vermont and got the mony for their farm  Uncle Seth did not come home until the next spring.  I sas his mony some part of it had some gold how much they got for their farm I donot know but uncle Seth gave Stephen Cole 150 dolars for the improvements  Simeon Hand lived when he died and Uncle Seth lived there until he died.  He bilt his house on the north side of the rode and setout an orchard those bigest trees are those that he set out.  I never new old Squire Baker to go away from hom to do a dayes work  he could stay home and tend to his work.  His brother worked with him on his farm in Vermont all of the time that he lived there and he came here in 1806 and worked on the farm and soed some winter wheat for him and the next winter he came to Andover with the sled and oxen  his brother was here to work with the oxteem. I find it stated in the history that Thadeus Baker moved into Andover with an oxteem and a Lumber waggeon.  He never had a lumber waggeon and the farm that Alpheus Baker lived on there was a mistake.  The stake was set twenty rods north of where it should have stood and the mistake was not discovered until that part of the farm was cleared and the house bilt and the wel dug.  When Alpheus Baker left the farm Luther Strong moved into the house and lived in the house until he bilt his gristmill then he moved to his gristmill.  Strong then sold the beterments to a man by the name of Joel Norton  he lived on the farm 2 or three years and then Norton left the farm. Then Old Squire Baker tok charge of that land.  I saw old Squire Baker in the Bath ofice and he said that he would give Alpheus 150 dolars but I have not know of his giving eney thing after this their was a man hunting up those that drew pentions and father sent me a letter wanting me to go to old Squire Baker and git his affidvit for him.  I went to see the Squire and all the reply that I got from him was that he had out tu have a pention. The old Squire never was a soldier when we first came to Andover a person could not git money for eney thing that he could rase.  Some few would make black salts to git some thing to live on when the public the public rodws ware lade out so that people could work on them and git county orders in that way they could pay thair taxes.  We had no drovers to buy our stock Gilhard elder Hul after I had bilt my sawmill where Mr Cob now lives  elder Hul came around buying a drove of cattle and I sold him a yoke of three year old steers for thirty dolars.

      The Rev. Robert Hubbert was the first minister that ever preached at Andover I attended the meeting and remember that is was Rev. Robert Hubbard tha preached the first sermon that was ever preached at Andover.  Mr. Robert Hubaard was the minister that helped formthe church at Andover. Mr. Hubbard was a fine christian man.  I think that Mr Washborn was the first minister that preached here and then Silas Hubbard came to Andover and offered to preach but they did not hire him.  I do not remember the cause.   If they had hired Mr. Silas Hubbard it would have ben a fine thing for the chruch.  Spicer came next. The church did not flourish while he laboured here.  When the church was formed in Andover Mr Allen was I think clark of the Society and he was cleaver christian man and drew the church records.  He was a man that under stood bisness well but Spice when he came to Andover he took quite a diferent course.  I will tell here a little when he first came to Andover  it was about the first of May and I had one horse.  She was spri animal.  I had no field for my horse and I had to let hur run on the comons until after haing, and harvisting  Spicer came to  me andhe wanted to girt the privlge to ride my horse two or three until the colt that his mare had could folow the mare or he had to kill it. I told him that he cold use my hores two or three dayes but instid of  riding the horse two or three dayes he kept on the go until into August then she was kiled  I have told you before hew he did trete me  if it was neded I would  make oath to what I have stated I did not think that a man professing to a christian could do such an act and I do not think that they will  but if there had never ben a true doar there never would have ben a counterfit.  I did think that christian people would try to do right in everything near as posible.

      I saw the churchbook last fall and is is a disgrace for the church to have such a book  there was several leves cut out of it  I hurd a man say that he belonged to the church when Spicer was preaching in the church in Andover that their was some leves cut out of the book.  Last fall I saw it for myself  the records that ware done by men that I ware aquainted with and they ware men that ware respectable when the bood pased into other hands  the records ware dis- troyed.  I donot think that has the love of God in his hart would do such an act  but I feer that thare is a good many woulves that come in sheeps clothing to deceve the people   I have got the history of this county.  I have both of them and I find some things stated in them that is very rong in the first place I will mentin Strongs Sawmill.  The frame was raised in 1815 and they have it that it was bilt 1817.  The gristmill was bilt 1819 that was right  the gristmill I helped git it out the timber for the frame and framit and put up the frame and inclose it and then I bild all of the geering for the mill.  I helped bild the mill through the grismill had no more to do with the sawmil than it would of if it had ben one mild from it  when the history was written when they put down the names of the ministers that preached in the congregational they left out three of their name was leftout  the Rev. Mr Rawson was one and the Rev. Mr  Kenmore and the Rev. Mr. Conley.  I donot think it a good plan to be changing ministers so often when we have a man that will preach the bible truth  I think it best to keep such a man and not be changing..

      Mr Conley when hye sas preching at Andover I hired him one year to preach and there was no other one that gave him eney thing.  It is astonishing that people should write a history of a tound with the records before them and leveout those names that ware before them  there is several people living in Andover that are well aquainted with those men.

      When we came into this Country we came from the towund of Granvill Washington County N.Y.  We started from Granvil July the thirds 1807 and the forth day of July we came through the tound of Portan there the people ware preparing to selebrte the fourth of July  and I remember when we came a crost the Lake in a Scowboot and we came to Bath Stuben Coutny the 15 day  and the nest day we came to the five points up North west of Alfred Senter to a man by the name of Ammi Lawrance and the next day  17 of July mr Isal Dike came with his Sled and oxen and moved the family to house where old Squire Baker had moved a few dayes before. Father bilt his house whare Andover village is an moved into his house the 26 day of March 1808 and old Squire Baker did not move onto his farm until some time the next summer.

The End