The Seventh Day Baptist Church was organized on October 7, 1871, when members of the Alfred, Alfred Station, Independence Churches living more closely to Andover banded together and established worship here.

The church that was built in 1862 was purchased in 1871 from the Methodist Society and moved on the Seventh Day Baptist lot on Greenwood Street about 100 yards west from East Avenue.

Rev. A. H. Lewis was the first Minister even before they had their own church.  He was granted welcome to use the Baptist and Methodist facilities.

The pastors of the church since then were: Revs. T. Gardner, T. Williams. J. Kenyon, E. Witter, E Stockwell, Joshua Clark, L. Platts, Stephen Burdick, Edgar VanHorn, A. Webster, Erlo Sutton, Clyde Erhert, and Walter L. Greene.

Rev. Greene, who was Pastor of the Independence Seventh Day Baptist Church since 1914 was also the Pastor of the church here for many Years.  After his retirement, services were discontinued in 1953.  The church later was sold to the St. Andrew’s Mission of the Episcopal Church.

Edward Everett deeded his residence property corner of First and Greenwood Streets to the church in 1919. (Legion Park location today).  This was never used as a parsonage but sold in 1926.  In this same year, the Adams house was acquired and moved on the church lot and used as a parsonage.  Dr. Clair Greene has since purchased the house for his parents.