Family of Patrick Daniel Lynch 
Original Photo from collection of Charles & Elizabeth Lynch; Submitted by Vicki Lynch Gibson


"The man in the wheel chair is Patrick Daniel.  His children are as follows:

 Edward T., Charles C., (my grandfather), John V. (Madeline Lynch’s father), T. Joseph (T Joseph, Mary Monica Smith, Patricia Wahl’s father), William J., George M., Ellen Lynch Dougherty, Patrick Leo, and Augustus.  Peter F and James A are not shown.

 Edward, William, George, Ellen, Peter and James either did not have children or they did not survive infancy.  Patrick Leo’s children grew up in New Jersey and Gus’s son Robert did not have any children.

I am assuming it was taken on South Hill – across from where the Riley place was.  It had to be taken before 1908 because P D died 7/6/1908.  It is my understanding that the homestead house was torn down years ago.  If you have a copy of the old Andover map showing where all the original homesteads were,  It shows J Riley and across from that P. Lynch.  My recollection is that the Riley place was on the left going down Trapping Brook Road toward Wellsville.  I also know that the Horan place where my Grandmother Snyder (Elizabeth Horan) grew up was on the Trapping Brook Road where the Clark family lived when we were growing up.  This map shows Henry Horan nearer the T White homestead which I guess would be Tommy White Hill.  I know that Horan’s moved sometime after that."