Andover Lodge #558, F. & A. M.           

Based on information from the Andover Sesquicentennial Book, 1974

Submitted by William A. Greene  2006       

       The first meeting of the Andover Lodge, of which any records are available, was held August 1, 1864.  Working under a dispensation, granted by the Grand Lodge of the State of New York.  There were ten brethren present and one visitor.  Two of these brothers were members of Whitesville Lodge #364.  This Lodge later gave up their charter and Whitesville came under the jurisdiction of Andover.  Most of the others were members of Scio Lodge #230, which later became Wellsville Lodge #230.


       The first officers were: A.E. Durand, W. M.; Cyrus Clark, S. W.; G. W. Estabrook, J. W.; F. S. Maxson, Secretary; William B. Clark, Treasurer; Sidney Magee, S. D.; Joel F. Moorhess, J. D.; Jacob Elwell, S. M. C.; Joseph L. Williams, J. M. C.’ and A. Porter, Tiler. 


       Andover Lodge worked under the dispensation until June 16, 1865.  At this time the Grand Lodge granted the Lodge a charter.  During the month of February 1867, the Lodge was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. 


       On December 10, 1870, at the request of Union Lodge #45 of Lima, New York, the Andover Lodge conferred the third degree upon Brother A. Sutherland, who became Grand Master of Masons of the State of New York, serving during the years of 1897 – 1898. 


       The Lodge rented rooms in several locations, until January 1922.  They purchased what was known as the “Cold Storage Building” on the corner of Elm Street and Main where they occupied rooms on the second floor.  This building was completely destroyed by fire on January 1, 1925.  Some of the furniture was saved, but all records from the years 1878 – 1920, were destroyed.  


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       On July 6, 1925, the Lodge purchased the J. M. Brundage residence, (their present location) on the corner of Church and Center streets.  After considerable repairs and alterations, during the next few years, the member now feel they have a Temple with Lodge room and dining hall and kitchen, to be proud of. 


       The Lodge has sponsored and housed the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for many years. They made dining room and kitchen facilities available, for many worthy projects and have contributed to many charitable organizations and community events. 

 * * * * * * * 

       In 2005 the Lodge shut its doors for the last time due to lack of members and participation.  The building was sold to a man from Michigan who plans to make it back into a home again.


       The pictures below show the Lodge building in 2006 at the beginning of remodeling.