Photo c. 1900 - Converted into a home. 



Pictures are property of Robert A. Baker  

Town of Andover Historian

Article by William A. Greene  2006


       The “Sanitarium” was built as a house for a Dr. William W. Crandall back in 1876.  It was built on West Greenwood Street.  But before it could be ready for occupancy the fine building was destroyed by fire, evidently of incendiary origin, causing a great financial lose.  He then built what is called the “Sanitarium”. 

       This is a three-story brick building, very ornate long narrow windows and ceilings close to twelve feet high.

       After Dr. Crandall’s death in March 19, 1899, a D. B. Spaulding made the exquisite place his home.  Later Reverend and Mrs. Eggleston purchased the building and made it into a “Sanitarium” Mrs. Eggleston was a nurse and took care of patients there. 

       Due to Reverend Eggleston’s ill health as a result from WW I they sold the place to a Mr. and Mrs. Lynch from New Jersey and they used it as a summer home.  A few years later Mrs. Eggleston got the property back and used it as a nursing home and a maternity home.

       Later Edward Atwood purchased the building and made it into apartments.  Then Thomas Smith purchased the building and kept it as an apartment house.  The building has been sold several times since Tom Smith had it, and am unsure who owns it now. 

       The house has stood empty for a number of years now  and is slowly fading away.  


Photo c. 2005 - Vacant