The Lever Family of Andover

Compiled by William A. Greene 2005

From articles of the Andover News & Various Federal Census Reports 

lever01  lever02  

                                      Alsamena Lever ca.1840                          "Baby" Mary Lever ca.1840

                      lever03   William J. Lever ca.1840
Photos supplied by Barbara Rechenberg from Paintings owned by Dorothy Lever Strouse, 2006; Dorothy is great-granddaughter  of William J & Alsamena.  Picture of Mary was at age 3 holding her Christmas present (an orange is all children got at that time). Mary died at age 5.      


The first Lever to settle in Andover was William J. Lever with wife Alsamena Lever (later known as Fanny A.) and two sons, William C. Lever and John J. Lever.  Later, in 1857, a third son was born, Charles B. Lever and other children were Infant Lever, Mary Alsomena Lever, Aggie J. Lever and Willie H. Lever.

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William C. Lever  was born  in Seneca Castle, Ontario County in 1842.  It is not known the exact date he came to Andover, but it is known that he spent most of his life here.  William C. Lever engaged in business here for many years, he had a general harness store, was a veterinary surgeon of skill and also an auctioneer (following in his father's footsteps) of unusual ability. His business brought him in contact with great number of people, and his form and voice were familiar to almost every resident of this and adjoining towns.

Mr. Lever was married to Nancy Comstock and they had two children, Inez Lillian and Floyd. William C. Lever died Aug. 6, 1894 at the age of 52 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Andover beside his wife.

* * * * * * * *

                Charles B. Lever son of William J. Lever was born in Andover on Nov.--, 1857.  In his active life Mr. Lever and Andover were almost synonyms.  You think of one and you could not help but think of the other. He was for a number of years President of the Village of Andover, and was a splendid official, always working for its best interests.  He was a charter member of the old “Citizens Hose Company,” Andover’s first fire fighting organization, which until its members grew old with the years, was most popular throughout Allegany County.  Mr. Lever also thru life held other responsible offices in the village and town, always equating himself with honor, and giving his constituents the very best service. 

                Besides doing all of this he was in partnership in a livery business known as Lever and Stearns, which was, know for being a first class establishment. It was purchased from Michael Dean for $1,200 in 1903 and was located across the street form the Erie depot on what is now Center St.  He was also a prominent farmer and businessman, always wide-awake and among our most prominent and reliable men.

                Charles B. Lever was married to Alice M. Hann and they had one son, John C. Charles died on Oct. 3, 1921 and is buried by his wife on Hillside Cemetery in Andover, New York. 

* * * * * * * *

                John C. Lever was born in Andover on June 12, 1886.  He spent his entire life here and became widely known, he was never without a broad smile and cheery word for friend and acquaintance alike and of course in season his usual boutonniere – a dandelion!

                John graduated from Andover High School in 1905 and went to the Hornell Business College where he also graduated, came back home and went immediately into business.  On Dec. 7, 1907 Mr. Lever entered the Burrows National Bank as assistant cashier, and became a familiar figure in local banking circles.  He remained with the bank eight years, until May 1915, when, his father Charles B. Lever became ill.  John gave up banking and took over the big livery stables and farming interests of his father.  He put his own name on the business.

                John was now the owner of a first – class harness and shoe repair shop, run in connection with his other business.  Although automobiles nearly put the horse out of business, John still kept horses as well as automobiles to sell and to hire, until he finally had to let the horses go and stick to the new fangled machines. His admiration for horses stuck with him throughout his life. He was a avid harness race fan and made the rounds of local fairs and races every year.

                Somewhere in time John got back into the banking business working as a cashier at the Andover National Bank and the Andover Office of The Citizens National Bank. As a sideline he was known widely as an auctioneer like his grandfather. He began collecting antiques in his garage on Dyke St. and soon out grew the garage and bought a store on Main St., which he ran until his death.  He always had what you were looking for, if he could find it and he usually did.        

                John also found time to engage I many civic activities with the growing generation.  He was a member of the Andover Chamber of Commerce, the Andover Central School Parent-Teacher Association, and Andover Lodge No. 558 F. &A.M., The Loyal Order of the Moose and the Golden Age Group in Wellsville and the Andover Baptist Church.

                John was married to Floye Graves and to them were born two daughter’s (Marion who married Cleon Pease & Dorothy who married Walter Strouse), and 1 son.  S.Sgt. Charles Lever died in the Pacific in 1945 in the closing battles of World War II.  John died Sept. 13, 1962 and is buried by his wife in the Hillside Cemetery in Andover, New York

 (The Late John C. Lever shown just prior to retirement from Citizens National Bank)


The following information was submitted by John E. Strouse and is based on research compiled by Gordon J. Lever and others.  This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.




William & Catherine Castner had the following children:

  1.        William John Lever
  2.        Castner Lever
  3.        Sally Lever
  4.        Lucinda Lever


 William John Lever & Alsomena Potter Lever had the following children:

  1.        William Castner Lever
  2.        John J. Lever  
  3.        Charles Byron Lever
  4.        Infant Lever
  5.        Mary Alsomena Lever
  6.       Aggie J. Lever      
  7.       Willie H. Lever 


 William Castner Lever & Jennie Hough had no known children.

William Castner Lever & Nancy Comstock had the following children:

  1.        Floyd Lever
  2.        Inez Lever Lame

 Charles Byron Lever and Alice Hann had the following children:

  1.        John Charles Lever

 GENERATION 4  & Beyond are privatized due to living individuals.