Baker’s Hardware

Information taken from Andover Sesquicentennial Book & Andover News papers

Submitted by William A. Greene 

          Baker’s Hardware was founded January 15, 1907 by Erwin D. and Arling R. Baker under the name of “Baker Brothers.   The original retail firm was located on the East side of Main Street just north of East Greenwood Street.  It was actually a country store for it handled a wide variety of merchandise: hardware, buggies, wagons, paints, harness and harness supplies, farm machinery and plumbing supplies. 

          As business and conditions changed, the firm dropped such items as the wagons and farm machinery and added house wares, toys, floor covering, farm and garden seeds, wallpaper and small electrical appliances.

          In the summer of 1925 the brothers built a new hardware on East Greenwood Street where the Prest Opera House once stood.  They moved into the new store in July 1925.  The name was changed to "Daylight Hardware Store".  In 1933 upon retirement of Erwin D. Baker, the name was changed to "Bakers Hardware" and ownership and operations went to Arling R. Baker.

          During the 54 years of continuous business, several men were associated with the firm: John Christian, Fay Boyd, who owned an interest in the business from 1920 – 1925; Earl Rowland, Bert Sharp, Archie Youmans, William Enos, Claude Eldridge, John Wahl, Thomas Bassett and Almon Wood, who owned an interest from 1939 – 1951.

          Upon the death of Arling Baker in 1950, the business continued under the ownership of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harder and Mr. and Mrs. Almon Wood.  In 1951 the Woods sold their interest to the Harders who continued until 1964 when they sold to Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson.   In 1969 the Richardsons sold the business back to Richard Harder.

          In 1971 Mr. Harder sold to Donald Thorp, Sr. who sold to Angelo D’ Ariano and named the business "A & R General Hardware" and in the late 1990’s the store closed it’s doors.

Below are two clipped advertisements from 1925 showing the progression from the original Baker's Hardware name to Daylight 11 East Greenwood Street

From Andover News, July 31, 1925, Page 4:

 Baker Bros location

 From Andover News, August 7, 1925, Page 4:

Daylight Hardware Store 

 Below, a later ad; 6/23/1933 (Andover News)

6-23-1933 AndoverNews BakerBrosNews