From the Andover News archive, 1939



Under the pictures was printed the following: "Recognize this train wreck?  The old Erie railroad first went through Andover in 1851, 36 years before the Andover News was founded.  Some years later, an engine apparently collided with a house or something larger.  A local resident brought this photo into the News Office in hopes someone will recall the year."

It is the opinion of my good friend & student of History in Andover, Bill "Bubba" Greene that what it hit was probably a Caboose.  I tend to agree with Bubba.

Mystery Solved: Thanks to John Muchler & Bill Reddy (PS&NRR Co. Historical Society,Inc. Officers); The accident was involving a "runaway" caboose!  The pictures my friend has are also displayed on Pages 144 & 145 of Paul Pietrak's book on the C & PA RR.  Perhaps I need to read his books all over again!  Ron Taylor