(The writer of this article was obviously impressed by the poetry of Joyce Kilmer as well as having a true respect for trees.  The Webmaster has, therefore, included the short Poem by Joyce Kilmer following the article.)

Our Trees

Unknown Author from Andover - Found in a 1926 ledger book

Submitted by William A. Greene 2005 

     Much is being said and done for reforestation.  But not enough notice is taken of the achievements that have been accomplished in our town of Andover. 

    For instance, apple trees planted by the Dyke and Cole families at Elm Valley, the first settlers of Allegany County, may attract tourists and others traveling the scenic state road between Andover and Wellsville.  Probably the largest growth and longest line of maple trees are on the Independence road in memory of Squire Dyer, that thrifty Presbyterian, who died over 57 years ago.  A fine grove around Frank Deans house planted by his father when a boy, for R. L. Cobb deserves notice.  Long rows of maples planted by the Boyd’s and Corwin’s on Pingrey Hill, white pine and Norway spruce on Voorhees Hill by the Simkin family and others are examples for future tree planters.  

          The writer has let two trees grow, where one formally grew, (not including thorns).  A wonderful memorial to three of Andover’s early pioneers is the beautiful tree standing on the corner of Main and West Center St.  It first grew on the farm of Thomas White, was dug up and planted on this corner by John Swain for D. J. Hale, former owner and prominent merchant.  This tree has been viewed by two generations who have passed away and now by our present generation and their children.  Now for memories sake, we might all plant a tree. For trees were planted by boys like me, but only God can grow a tree.