Andover Town & Village

Brief Biographies


Seth Baker was born in 1799 in Granville , Washington county, NY.  He was a son of Alpheus Baker, one of the pioneers of Andover .  When quite young his father located at Andover , he having settled in the town July 17th, 1807 .  Mr. Baker learned the trade of millwright and carpenter, which has been his principal business through life.  He worked on most of the early mills of that section.  He has lived many years on the farm which he now owns.  He owns a flouring mill built some years since.  When about twenty-five years old he was married to Miss Elizabeth Woodruff, of Andover . (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Thaddeus Baker, M.D. (son of Thaddeus Baker,senior,  a surveyor in the employ of the land company), was born in Poultney, Rutland county, VT, in 1806, and came with his father to Andover in 1807.  Mr. Baker, (senior) located four hundred acres of land where the village of Andover now stands, and resided till his death, in 1845, on the old homestead in the north part of the village, where Dr. Baker has always lived and practiced medicine during the last forty years.  He has served as justice of the peace sixteen years and several years as school inspector and town clerk.  In 1835 he was married to Miss Sarah Spicer, of Andover . (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Robert R. Boyd, a native of Orange county, came from Ontario county in 1819 and located in Andover on lot 40, where he lived till his death, in 1855, in his eighty-fifth year.  His son, Robert R. Boyd, was born in Canandaigua in 1817 and came to the town with his father, and has always lived on the old homestead, of which he is the present owner.  He was married in 1842 to Miss Delana A. Green, of Alfred.  He served eighteen years as commissioner of highways.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

H.P. Benton, son of Eben Benton, was born in Franklin, Cattaraugus county, in 1830.  He moved with his father to Livonia , Livingston county, at the age of four, and from there to Oramel in 1852, where he was engaged in lumbering five years.  He then engaged in the drug trade at the same place till 1864, when he removed to Andover and continued in the same business till 1875, when he retired on account of poor health.  He served one year as town clerk of Andover .  In 1860 he was married to Hannah B. Spaulding, of North Canaan , Litchfield county, Conn.   (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

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Benjamin C. Brundage was born in Sussex county, NJ, in 1820.  At the age of four he moved with his father’s family to Bath , Steuben county,  and in 1830 to Greenwood , Steuben county;  in 1846 he went to Hornellsville and read law with Reynolds & Brundage, and was admitted to the bar in 1848.  In 1849 he came to Andover , where he has since been engaged in the practice of his profession.  He has served eight years as justice of the peace and ten years as notary public.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Edwin Brown was born in Fabius, Onondaga county, in 1808, and came to Andover in 1818 and settled on lot 108, where he lived till 1872, when he moved to the village of Andover , where he now lives retired, still owning a part of the old homestead.  He was married in 1832 to S. A. Popple, of Andover , who died in July, 1871.  In September, 1872, Mr. Brown married Lois Preston, of the same town.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Silas G. Burdick was born January 20th, 1842 , in Brookfield , Madison county.  He came to Andover from Centralia , Ill. , in August, 1874.  Mr. Burdick has been a teacher since 1860 and is the present principal of the Andover graded school.  He was a member of the 85th New York volunteers from August 21st, 1861 , to June 9th, 1865 , and a prisoner from April 20th, 1864 , to March 1st, 1865 .  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

William L. Catlin was born in Tioga county, PA, in 1828.  He located in Wellsville in 1856, and in 1858 engaged in manufacturing family medicines.  In 1873 he formed a partnership with Mr. Harman, of Andover , which was continued one year.  Since its expiration Mr. Catlin has carried on the manufacture and sale of his remedies alone.  He resides on his farm near Elm Valley , where he located in 1865.  He was married in 1848 to Elizabeth P. Kemp, of Tioga county, PA.  He served nine months in the Rebellion in the 16th New York cavalry. (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Jeremiah Clarke, son of Samuel B. Clarke, was born in Madison county, in 1825, and came the same year with his father to Andover .  In 1845 he bought his present farm, on lots number 95 and 96, and located on it in 1851.  He was assessor six years.  In 1851 he was married to Catharine Crandall, of Independence .  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Stephen S. Clarke was born in Madison county, in 1811, and came with his father, Samuel Clarke, in 1825 to Andover , and located on the farm that he now owns, on lot 96.  He was married in 1844 to Azubah Woodcock, of Independence , and the same year bought the old homestead.  He has served seventeen years as justice of the peace.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Roswell L. Cobb was born in Windham , Windham county, VT, April 8th, 1817 , and came to Andover in March, 1869.  He is a farmer and lumberman.  He purchased the farm which he now owns of Horace Leet.  It was at one time owned by Peter Bundy, by whom most of the farm was cleared.  Mr. Cobb was married in 1843 to Miss Ellen S. Howard, of Townsend , VT. (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

H. W. Cook, youngest son of Ziba Cook, was born March 16th, 1846 .  He is engaged in farming and resides with his father.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Ziba Cook was born in Dryden, Tompkins county.  His father moved to Greenwood , Steuben county, about 1829.  Mr. Cook was married April 30th, 1839 , to Miss Orpha Johnson, of Greenwood , and soon after settled on the farm in Andover on which he now resides.  He owns about one hundred and fifty acres of land. (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

J. M. Goodwin was born in Lansing, Tompkins county, in 1817, and came from there to Andover in 1830.  He learned the trade of harness maker at Angelica and commenced business in Andover in 1838.  In 1840 he was married to Maria E. Elwell, of Otego, Otsego county, who was born in 1820.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

John J. Harman, M. D., a son of Jeremiah Harman, was born in Almond, in 1817, and came to Andover in 1844.  He studied medicine with Dr. Hartshorn, of Alfred, and was engaged in the practice of his profession in Andover till 1859, when he engaged in mercantile business, in which he continued till 1874, since which time he has been engaged in farming and private banking.  He was supervisor of the town five years.  In 1874 he was married to Eliza A. Clark, of Geneseo, Livingston county. (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

William Hunt, a son of Parley Hunt, was born in Alfred, in 1832.  He lived in Almond and in Hornellsville, Steuben county, and came from the latter place to Andover in 1850, and has been engaged in farming and lumbering most of the time since.  He kept a hotel for a short time.  At present he is engaged in farming and the livery business.  He was married in 1862, to Frances V. Bundy, of Andover .  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Theodore Livermore was born in Madison county, in 1821, and came with his father, Samuel Livermore, to Green’s Corners in 1823.  In 1854 he settled on his present farm, on lot 49, in Andover .  He was married in 1839 to Rebecca Graves, of Willing.  He served three years in the Rebellion with the 1st N. Y. Dragoons.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Henry McConnell was born in Ireland in 1829.  He came to Canada in 1845, and lived there till 1862, when he removed to Corning , Steuben county, and engaged in the tanning business.  In 1873 he came to Andover , where he has since been employed as superintendent of Richardson & Company’s tannery, which employs thrity men and turns out 30,000 pieces of leather annually.  Mr. McConnell has been inspector of election and is at present excise commissioner.  He owns a half interest with Robert M. Bundy in a flouring mill.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Loren Pingrey, son of Solomon Pingrey who came to Alfred at an early day, was born in that town in 1832.  In 1840 he settled on his present farm in Andover , and is engaged in farming.  In 1863 he was married to Armena Smith, of Tioga county, PA. (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)  

Delos Remington, a son of Daniel S. Remington who settled in Independence at an early day, was born in January, 1835.  About 1848 he located with his father on his present farm, on lot 96 in Andover , and has since followed the business of farmer and drover.  He was married in 1861 to Philena Crandall, of Independence .  He served three years in the Rebellion with the 1st N. Y. Dragoons.  He was also assessor three years.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Oliver Rosebush, was born in Canada West, in 1834.  He came with his father, George Rosebush, to Andover in 1841 and has always lived in the town.  He located on his present farm, on lot 76, in 1869.  He was married in 1859 to Julia A. Dyer, of Andover .  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)

Rev. Albert Clark Titus, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Andover , was born in Trenton , N.J. , October 9th, 1847 , and graduated from Princeton College in the class of 1869, and from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1872.  He came from Trenton , N. J., to Andover in October, 1876.  (History of Allegany County,NY-1879-F.W.Beers & Co.)