By: William A. Greene (July, 27, 2016)

(photos follow the article.....)

     On the morning of July 25th 2016 an old Andover landmark was taken to the ground and hauled away to a landfill.  There were no great send off, no bands playing, no great speeches, just the roar of diesel motors and the sound of bricks, wood and debris hitting the ground and being loaded into large dump trucks, to be hauled away.


     Not many people knew the history of this old Andover landmark.  Many businesses had called this old building a home, for over 152 years.  I will try to give you a little history of this old Andover landmark.


     It all started in 1864 when a man by the name of Hiram P. Benton moved to Andover  and purchased a plot of land on the east side of Main St. and built a brick building and opened it up as a Drug Store.  Mr. Benton ran the store until 1875 and decided to open a lumber business on West Center St. close to the Andover Depot.


       Sometime in 1875 Mr. A.C. Frisbey and Mr.Arthur A. Porter, purchased the building on 25 Main St. and made it into a grocery store. They stayed in business until January of 1889. With Mr. Frisbey’s health problem, they sold the business.


       In Jan. of 1889  Mr. Patrick Cannon purchased the building from Mr. Frisbey  and Mr. Porter and made it into a clothing store.  His son James E. Cannon worked there with his father. On Sept.24th, 1934 the Cannons sold the store to a Mr. P.K. Tuttle.

     On Sept. 24th 1934 Mr. P.K. Tuttle took over the clothing store. He kept it as a clothing store.  His two sons Roger and Alan helped him in the business. They sold the business to Kenneth D. Bostwick in 1946.


     In 1946 Mr. Bostwick took over the clothing store.  He ran the store until 1953.


     In 1953 Grace and “Dutch” Smutzinger purchased the clothing store.  I don’t know how long they ran it or who they sold it to.


      In 1973 Tom Smith bought the store from Mr.  & Mrs. Kenneth Bostwick and opened “Tom’s Tique Shop” selling antiques on first floor and renting apts. upstairs.


      In 1987 Robert & Judith Hill purchased the building on 25 Main St. from Tom Smith and opened “The Emporium."


      In 1988 Cecil & Sally Farren  were the proprietors of the Decorator Workshop, housed on the left side of the Emporium.  Mrs. Farren had Arts & Crafts in the Emporium and Mr. Farren did upholstering and slip covers.  I have no idea as to when they closed their business.


      Finally in 2015 the Andover Main St. Memories Co. purchased three different parcels of property on Main St. in Andover and one was the building that was built in 1864.  The company was going to remodel the building but the damage to the building was to great and it would have cost a great deal of money to be safe to live in and it was decided to tear it down.  K.S. LaForge  Excavatiing Co. from Wellsville tour the building down and hauled it away in July of 2016.


Andover Main St Buildings


The photo’s below were taken by Brian Quinn from the Wellsville Daily Reporter.



Photos below by Leo Burgett


Burgett 02 Building above, former Blarney Stone, will remain.....

Burgett 01

.Building with the arches, in 1950s known as Bostwick's and then Smutzinger's Department Store; now leveled.

Burgett 03

The two different buildings sat side-by-side for over a century.

Burgett 05

Building now gone.......

Burgett 04

Where 25 Main Street used to be....


Mike Smith 01

View while the cellar is being emptied....

Mike Smith 02

Sorting through the rubble......

Mike Smith 03

The cellar sees daylight not see for over a century.

Mike Smith 04

And the final cleanup occurs.