Andover News December 2, 1927
Submitted by William A. Greene   2007

Officer Kilbane Arrests Charles I. Epstein of Baltimore

Much Wanted Man in Several States.

Andover’s police officer, Edward Kilbane, put another feather in his cap Monday, when he arrested a man wanted in several states for bogus bond selling.  His name is Charles I. Epstein of Baltimore, Md.

A number of weeks ago, Officer Kilbane received a message from the officials In Baltimore to watch out for Epstein and arrest him if he showed up in Andover.  Going to the Joyce Hotel he found the man had come and gone.

Monday morning Mr. and Mrs. Epstein and another man again visited Andover and Officer Kilbane promptly arrested him and held him in custody until Tuesday evening, when detective Arthur O. Goodman arrived with extradition papers and took him into his care.

Epstein is under indictment in Baltimore charged with conspiracy to defraud.  He would rent an office in a city and pose as a stockbroker and then sell fake stock.  His especial efforts were exerted to get merchants and businessmen in the smaller places to become customers of his worthless securities.  Four other confederates in the game have already been arrested and are now awaiting trial.

It is said that Epstein had also jumped a $10,000 bail bond.

He left Andover with Officer Goodman on Erie Train #1, Tuesday evening.

While a resident in the Andover lockup, Officer E. F. Stearns had him constantly in view.