Andover News March 5th, 1926
Submitted by William A. Greene   2007

Can You Find One Not Listed Here?  If So Let News Know

At a meeting of businessmen in Andover recently, the question arose as to how many occupation were represented in Andover, applying the rule as it is used by the rotary organization.  Most of those present estimated about thirty.  Others thought there were less.

As a matter of information the New herewith publishes a list of the various occupations represented in Andover.  If anyone can think of one we have not listed, kindly let us know.  There are seventy-five in all:


Protestant Clergyman
Roman Catholic Priest



Automobile Livery            Gasoline Manufacturing    Poultry man

Auditorium Manager         Gas Producer                 Printer
Auto Repair Shop             Hardware                     Photograph gallery
Barber                            Harness maker               Produce dealer
Blacksmith                       Hotel American              Real estate agent
Bowling Alley                   House Decorator            Restaurant      
Building contractor            Heading mill                  Radio dealer
Bakery                            Insurance agent            Service station
Billiard Parlor                     Jeweler                       State bank
Cheese maker                  Junk dealer                   Shoe store
Confectioner                    Lumberman                  Saw mill
Concrete contractor          Laundry                       Storage garage
Draying and carting           Milk dealer                    Sporting goods &
Dry goods store                Milk condensory            Motorcycle shop
Dairymen’s League plant    Music store                   Silk Manufacturer
Druggist                          Men’s Clothing store       Shoe repair shop
Electric shop                    Meat Market                  Truck garner
Erie Railroad Co.                National Bank                Tailor
Furniture store                 News stand                   Undertaker
Feed Mill                          Novelty store                Wholesale Cheese
Feed store                      Oil Producer                   Wagon Shop
Farmer                            Oil well contractor
Grocery                           Plumber