"I just stumbled across this, suddenly realizing that one of your readers might actually know which school this is. It was in my father’s (Merle Evans) collection, but the children are so obscured I can’t identify him. He was born (1911) in the house where Chester and Wanda Gosper now live.
So I can only guess that this might be a picture of 1917-1920 . . . ?
I LOVE the old school houses."
Gerrie Evans Raw

Based on several writings I have read and from email received this school was known as   District #2 School.  On the 1869 Atlas of Allegany County for Angelica there is a schoolhouse noted at what is commonly known as Swift Road near County Route 2.  I believe that is the location of this schoolhouse building.  rt

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(From Gerrie Raw: “I remember one time when the country school teacher was boarding with us. One day Merle decided to skip school. He should have realized with the teacher living right there in our house my folks were going to hear about it. When she came home from teaching she told our parents that Merle had not been in school that day. That was one time that Merle really got a whipping from my dad - out in the barn. I don't think he ever skipped school again as long as he lived. I've heard people remark that he must have had a lot of courage to do it when the teacher was staying with us. So that was one of his escapades.” From a letter to me from [Aunt] Donna Evans Moore)

(From Philip Swift: "I have a strong suspicion, this school house is located at the end of N. Swift Rd., near the old County home. It is now a residence. My Grandfather, Winfred(Slim) Swift, and his siblings, Hazel,Carl, & Ruben, all went to school there. Grandpa used to tell of running a trap line on his way to school, and putting anything he caught in the morning in the shed until he got a chance to skin them out at lunch time.
I believe this would be the closest school to where Chet and Wanda now live.")