Angelica's Blacksmith, Today
by Mary Rhodes


R. L. Hewitt, Blacksmithing and Woodwork to Order, Angelica New York.  Photo by Mary Rhodes.

Returning to Wellsville from Angelica, I noticed the doors to the Blacksmith shop were opened, so, knowing there are so few Blacksmiths in the area, I stopped to visit.  Bob Hewitt, blacksmith and history buff was a joy to meet.  Bob is a retired State Police officer who has been working as a blacksmith for 14 years.  He repairs farm machinery, fences, wagons – pretty much anything.   He is also involved with the Rushford Historical Society in the renovation of their Town Blacksmith Shop.  Bob's shop, located on West Main Street next to the American House, was built in 1858 and was operated as a drug store by J. T. Brown.  Brown and his family lived upstairs for many years.  The building was enlarged twice, and Bob has been working for several years to restore it.  The building was last operated as a car wash.


The above “two for the price of one” photo shows two men, one of them Tim Hyland, with a Hyland Chassis or “Truck”, which he built in Angelica.  The picture was taken in front of Bob’s shop circa 1930.  At that time, the shop was operated as a paint store.  The low shed on the side of the shop is gone, and the front of the shop now has wooden doors on it.  Bob offered me a tour of the building, which I could not refuse. He has quite of collection of tools and stuff, all of it fun and fascinating.


He says he moved the 500 lb Fisher Norris anvil into the shop by himself.


He showed me a McEwen Bros Blower that he has taken apart (Just the side of the casting with the words on it.)