Transcribed by Jaylyn Thacher

Cuba Patriot, February 23, 1982


Origins of Belfast Fire District

In Belfast as well as other small communities throughout NYS the governing bodies are weighing the alternatives between adopting local fire prevention codes or accepting general state wide regulations.

Mr. Dominic Curcio came across the beginnings of this responsibility and passed it along.

It seems amazing to us today that a fire district could be established for eight hundred dollars over a five year period, but in 1892, we’re sure that seemed a princely sum!

While a fire District in the village of Belfast was established in 1887, it was in 1892 that the residents apparently got serious about fire protection.

Passed November 18, 1892, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Supervisors of Allegany County, the ayes and noes being called.

Section 3. The Board of town auditors of said town are hereby authorized and empowered to audit and allow such sums as may be certified to them by the Trustees of the Belfast Fire Department, as being necessary to procure a supply of water in such fire district and to procure apparatus for the extinguishment of fires therein and for the erection of suitable buildings for the safekeeping of such apparatus; provided that such sums so certified may be audited payable in such yearly installments as such Board of auditors may in their discretion elect, provided however, that there shall not be spread or raised by taxation on the property located within the limits of such fire district, a greater sum that three hundred dollars per year for the first two years after the passage of this act, two hundred dollars for the next year and no more than one hundred dollars per year thereafter.