Transcribed by Jaylyn Thacher

Cuba Patriot, March 2, 1982


1892 Quarantine in Belfast

Another interesting item uncovered by Mr. Curcio as he perused the records of 1892 is the following health notice. When we complain of today’s health care, perhaps it would be good to remind ourselves how far medicine has advanced to improve the quality of our lives.

The attention of the Public is hereby called to the following section of the Sanitary Regulation adopted by the board of Health of the Town of Belfast, N.Y.


Whenever any case of Asiatic Cholera, Yellow Fever, Typhus, or Thyphoid Fever, Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Measles, Diphtheria, or other malignant, contagious or infectious disease shall be found to exist in the town of Belfast the person having or exposed to the same shall be quarantined if the judgment of the said health office is hereby directed and adjured to enter into any place where any person having or suspected of having or exposed to any of the aforesaid diseases and if in his judgment any of the said diseases exist or any person has been exposed to any such disease so that his intercourse with the public is dangerous to Public Health he shall cause the person having or suspecting of having or who has been exposed to any of the above diseases to be secluded from the Public, for such a time as he may deem necessary either by confining such persons at their own residence or such other place as is proper.

Any person disobeying the order of a health officer made by him in pursuance of the power conferred by this section shall be punished by a fine of five dollars and cost of suit.

Dated at Belfast

Nov. 16, 1892

            J. H. Chamberlain, M. D.

                     Health office of the Town of Belfast

                             town of Belfast

            Allegany County New York

M. L. Brainard Supervisor

D. Shuart Town Clerk

R. C. Phelps Justice of Peace

New Sumner Justice of Peace

W. R. Renwich Justice of Peace

R. D. Guilford Citizens