Birdsall Log Cabin  residence Town of Allen photographerLog Cabin in Birdsall, N.Y., late 1800's 


This appears to be a photograph of a log cabin in Birdsall, N.Y. The handwritten caption on the photograph indicates that it is the "Residence of Mrs. E. Johnson, Birdsall, N.Y." According to Allegany County Historian Craig Braack, "The names of the lady and the photographer are not familiar with me and based on the age of the photo, it appears the lady was extremely poor.  Log cabins were almost entirely gone by 1870 or so.  My guess is the photo is from the 1880s - 1890s." The photographer was from the Town of Allen, N.Y. Photograph contributed by Craig Braack.

Birdsall Log Cabin  residence Town of Allen photographer0002