Researched and Submitted by Richard F. Palmer

Allegany County Democrat, Wellsville, N.Y., Wed., April 5, 1882 

Notes About Richburg.

Street Railroad to Bolivar in Contemplation.

Since the first development of Richburg and Bolivar into oil towns of importance, the constant stream of travel between the two places has been often commented upon by observing ones, and the project of connecting the rival towns by railway line has been suggested as an enterprise which would surely result profitably to the stockholders.

Last fall Messrs. Baum & Son made some movement towards the organization of a Bolivar & Richburg street railway company, but bad weather and other adverse circumstances caused them to abandon the enterprise, which could not but have proved a successful one if it had been consummated. The profits of the road would have placed the stock above par before this had the line been completed.

The Bradford, Eldred & Cuba railway folks are running a train every hour between the Richburg and Bolivar depots, carrying passengers for ten cents, and have full trains each trip; but it lacks the convenience  of a street car line which would run through the two towns and give an opportunity for passengers jumping on and off as suits their interests.

We are now informed by a leading business gentleman of Bolivar that they have every assurance now of a street railway to be built at once between the two places. Messrs. E.C. and J.B. Bradley, of the Empire Gas Company, are at the head of the scheme. They have sent in an application to the two corporations for privileges, which will, undoubtedly  be granted without a dissenting voice. The track will follow the main wagon road, and the grade being even, will make the construction of the line a comparatively short and easy matter.

Soon the tinkle of the bell punch and the voice of the car driver will be heard over the road that ten months ago was only traversed by an occasional cheese wagon.