Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer; Bolivar Breeze – November 22, 1900


Louis Selbert Purchases the Interest of the Late Dr. J. L. Cutler in the Selbert & Cutler Drug Store

            Through an agreement reached between the heirs of Dr. J. L. Cutler and the executor of his estate, George A. Beers, Cr. Cutler’s one-half interest in the drug and book store of Seibert & Cutler has been sold to Louis Seibert who becomes sole proprietor.  The deal includes the real estate on Main street owned by the firm and the stock and fixtures.  The book accounts will be collected and the proceeds be equally divided between Mr. Seibert and the executor after the bills owing y the firm are paid.  Mr. Seibert made a proposition to either buy or sell at a stated price which was slightly in excess of the inventory figures and after discussing the matter for a few days the heirs decided to accept his proposition.  This move makes Mr. Seibert sole proprietor of one of the best equipped drug stores in the county.

            Louis Seibert came to Bolivar in 1881 to clerk in a drug store owned by J. G. Forman in a building then located on the Hebe Root lot on Main street.  The building was destroyed by fire and the business moved to the Crandall block opposite the Newton House.  After one or two changes in proprietorship Mr. Seibert secured an interest in the business.  In 1884 he entered into partnership with William Cutler under the firm name of Seibert & Cutler.  This partnership was terminated in 1886 by the death of Mr. Cutler.  The same year a partnership was formed with Dr. J. L. Cutler which continued until a few days ago.   For many years the firm did business in a store located on the west side of the Dodson & Dempsey market.  Six years ago the building was moved to the present location.  The firm has always enjoyed a fine business.  Mr. Seibert is a very competent pharmacist ad has always paid close attention to business.  Frank J. Parker who has clerked in the store for several years and who is a popular employ will be retained.