From The Andover News, December 5, 1913.
Transcribed by Suzette Pondillo.


A nitro-glycerine factory owned by the VanCuren Company of Bolivar, was destroyed Nov. 24th, by the explosion of 160 quarts of nitro-glycerine. Alie Sikes and Judson Carey, oil well shooters, were engaged in manufacturing the high explosives when in running the stuff from the mixing to the receiving tank it “fired”. Unable to put out the fire the men made a good record turn and were 200 rods from the magazine when the explosion came. They, as well as three horses near by, were uninjured.

The building was 30X75 feet and was blown into splinters tearing a great hole in the ground. The boiler house was blown into the highway where it burned. The explosion was heard for miles. Several houses in the vicinity were shaken by it and windows broken. The loss is placed at $900. The building will be rebuilt at once.